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Today I have something for guys, and several goodies for you girls.

First up: Vitamen.
Viamen has a gift for guys, and each month a new one comes out. This shop specialises in men’s underwear.. and the designs are always fresh and well executed. The gift for July,VITAMEN Monthly Freebie on July201, can be worn as underwear, or you can show them off at the beach or pool. The prim drawstring ensures a great fit every time. It comes in five colours: Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, and Mono, so you’ll always be able to find just the colour you want.

To get your free pair, just teleport to the shop and touch the board. There is no group requirement to take advantage of this free sample from one of the best shop for men on the grid.

I admit, I’d never been to Beautiful, Dirty, Rich before yesterday.  I’m not sure why I’d never been there since I get notices frequently, I’ll just chalk it up to having been super-busy in RL and SL.

But now that I have visited, you’ll be seeing more posts featuring BDR. The fashions span a range of styles, are very reasonably prices, and feature good textures that are applied with an obviously talented hand.

I was very surprised to see so many gifts and reduced prices, so you can sample a wide range of products without shelling out a lot of money. In today’s economy you simply can’t shrug off a good deal, and BRD has good deals in droves.

When you land at Beautiful, Dirty, Rich, take the time to explore the shop, you’ll find deals for 10L$ or less, Midnight Mania Boards, and Friday freebies. You’ll also find great outfits for 150L$ and less. This great price doesn’t get you just a sweater or just a skirt.. but an entire outfit with pieces that can be coordinated with other pieces already in your wardrobe.

Houssine, Lilac Obsession, and Secretly are free product sample just for dropping by. Just touch the boards, and these hot dresses will be immediately sent to you.. no group membership or subscription required.

Don’t forget to touch the Midnight Mania boards beside the free sample boards. And if you have a group spot open, join the BDR group to be kept up to date on the latest releases. There are special gifts available just for group members.. and the group is free to join!

The outfit above,TGIF in vibrant neon yellow and pink, as well as the next two outfits, are TGIF gifts from beautiful, Dirty, Rich. They are not far from the landing point, walk just to your right, and down the steps to find them. I’m not sure if these are weekend only gifts due to the TGIF name, but they were still there this morning, so give it a try.

TGIF in Denim (above), and Zebra (below), from Beautiful, Dirty, Rich.

The skin shown in these photos is Rainbow Skin Corpse Palor.. a gruesome name for such a delicate skin. Poses shown are from Diesel Works. The Chum Bracelet shown was a group gift from Miel. This bracelet is customisable, so that you can sport any custom phrase or word up to six characters in length.

Did someone say underwear.. for guys?

First we have Rocco, from INDI Designs. The undershirt (Part 1), and Briefs (Part 2) are part of the puzzle this time around. You can pick up a new pieces each week for free. When the outfit is completed, all pieces are available at a greatly reduced price. So, never fear if you missed that great-looking undershirt, it will still be available again, just not for free.

Vitamen is a favourite of Hawk’s, and the briefs shown below are nice-looking enough to be a swimsuit. Vitamen has a new free pair of men’s underwear each month. No need to join the group to get the monthly complimentary underwear, but join anyway to get up-to-the-minute news about great deals and new releases at Vitamen.

Although this one is for the guys, girls definitely appreciate the hot underwear that Vitamen has to offer. Vitamen has some of the nicest male “unmentionables” on the grid, and always has a monthly freebie available so that you can check out the quality of their products. Once you’ve seen the goods at Vitamen, you’ll become a loyal fan too.

Shown above is the Vitamen Prince Pearl Thong,  MENstuff Hunt #6. This hunt continues through the end of February, so you still have plenty of time to pick it up. You’ll find it at the Vitamen main shop, link provided below.

Shown above is sort of a two-fer gift from Vitamen at their satellite location located at Sounds Gravis Beach. This lucky board gift includes underwear that can double as a swimsuit, and a condom filled balloon that is appropriate for both men and women, and yes, I blogged the balloon here yesterday. Landmark for Sounds Gravis Beach is shown below.

The  monthly Freebie for February is shown in the picture above. Vitamen has a new freebie for you every month, all you have to do is show up at their main location (location shown below) and pick it up.

There are a couple of deals at Lemania Indigo designs you might want to check out over the weekend. Actually, there are more, but these were my favourites.

First up, for 60L$ Weekend, there is an elegant black gown called noir, it includes a greyed skin (not shown), shoes, not shown, and champagne bottle with a built in pose.

The wonderfully flamboyant hairstyle is from Vanity Hair. Mask and hair detail are texture change on click. Have fun clicking through all the variations of this fun hairstyle!

The “IT’S ON SALE WEEK ” specially priced dress this week is Nightshade. This very sexy dress has a ton of options because of the two very different skirts included. Get it all for only 99L$.

Egyptian Dragonfly is an oldie but goody at Lemania Indigo Designs.  I’ve included this curve huggin dress just to show you that Lemania Indigo is no afraid to do colour in a big way.. and because I like it. No longer on sale, this is the kind of deal you can miss if you hesitate for even one day. Lemania Indigo designs has a specially priced dresses that go on sale for 24 hours only, after that they go back up to regular price. Stop by regularly to check the prices and pick up your favourite designs.

The Coin Necklace, so appropriate with this dress, is from Trident. You’ll find a huge selection of unusual pieces at Trident. If you’re bored of the every day pieces we see all too often on the grid, try checking trident. You won’t be disappointed.

Vitamen has a February gift out that both guys and girls can use.

Valentine’s day is coming up very soon, and Vitamen’s gift will make sure that your special day is fun and safe. It’s a Lucky Board win from their new satellite location at Sounds Gravis Beach. You’ll have to pop the balloon to get the condoms inside (boo!), but the kitty is yours to keep (yay!).

So spread the love, but not the STD’s.. and stay safe this Valentine’s Day.

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