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If you love playing a mermaid, but you’re not doing the Crazy hair Hunt.. um.. why the hell aren’t you?

This is a hunt almost made especially for you. There are several hairstyles that are undersea critter themed, and what mer doesn’t love undersea critters? After I posted the awesome style from .{rue}., I decided that it might be interesting to group the rest of the mer-worthy styles in one post.

Wild and crazy Treebee Withnail gives us the Red Herring do, shown above. Take your fishy friends swimming with you, just in case you get hungry and need a quick snack along the way. Pick it up at The U-neek during the Crazy Hair Hunt.

Tekili-li is one of the shops I always stop by first when I need a new mermaid hairstyle. This time around, Tekili-li gives us Hathor in four colours. These styles are fully customisable via script. Type in the part you want changed, and the colour you want it changed to.. and voila! You have a new look!

The colour of Deep Sea Army Hair, from [Circa} is delicious, and you’ll be surrounded by an army of seahorses with the attachment that you can wear.. or not.. as you choose. Worn with one of the Dark Fae skins from Nomine, and jewellery from Finesmith.. Love it!

For the Crazy Hair Hunt, Vanity Hair gives us a sea shell style in a soft shade of purple (what else?). This shell has an assortment of deep sea plant life and critters adorning the front and back, and a tattoo layered hair base in the same soft purple for a seamless look.

Don’t be fooled by the name Spring Briar Fae hair, this style from gilded is absolutely mer-worthy. It’s green it’s wild, and underwater it will look like it’s wildly wave-swept. Green combo hair base/make-up is included, green ears are not.

Massive Overgrowth, shown above, is from *TSM*. This wild style includes several colour versions, as well as a complete set for petites. If you haven’t explored the world of petites, I strongly urge you do do so. I’m planning an upcoming series of blog posts about them.. so stay tuned all of you wannbe tiny mer!

Weather! Or not? has the awesome OctoHair in mesh. This comes in a matte version (shown), and in a shiny version.

phew.. that’s a lot of mer hairstyles! But don’t let this hold you back from wearing other Crazy Hair Hunt styles as a mer.. anything goes in Second Life! Even if you don’t like the “Barbie” look, your avatar is your own personal Barbie doll to dress up and experiment with.. so get out there and have fun!

The Official Crazy Hair Hunt Bloggers:

Theis year, the Crazy Hair Hunt is better and bigger than ever with 67 designers. That means there are 67 wild, wacky, unusual, alternative, amazing hairstyles to be found. This is the only hunt of its kind on the grid.. so what are you waiting for?

Shown above is Le Boosh, from [ Zibska Roots & Couture with a Touch of Punk Nouveau ]. This wildly overgrown hairstyle is huge, with black crows perched in it. Find it during the Crazy Hair Hunt!

Treebee Withnail, of The U-neek, gives new meaning to the phrase “carrot top” with this cute mohawk. Carrot Top Mowy is one of the outrageously unique hairstyles to be found during the Crazy Hair Hunt.. and it’s unisex guys, so go grab one for yourselves.

Hello merfolk.. this is your hairstyle! The Hungry, from .{Rue}., comes in five colours with, and without, the unfortunate fish caught in the grip of the tentacles on top of your head. That’s.. let’s see.. mm.. ten hairstyles in all. The Hungry is unisex, so guys can get their mer on too.

.::.IM caPPed.::. has this darling do as their hunt prize. Included, but not shown, is Drake’s Fuzzy Upper Lip, which is equally charming. Get them both for one low price (that would be 0L$) during the Crazy Hair Hunt.

Yes! It has trees and bees (tree bee.. get it?). A tribute to the founder of the Crazy Hair Hunt, Treebee Withnail from Mystica Matova of Bizarre Hair. I’m thinking I should have worn a purple skin for this picture.

Delicate and graceful, just like the insect it’s named after, Dragonfly is from Boudoir. Soft pinks and greens with touches of pale brown.. what’s not to love?

The Official Crazy Hair Hunt Bloggers:

After a bit of a hiatus (and don’t we all need one from time-to-time), Treebee Withnail, of the Uneek, is back in world. The shop has a new location a (sort of) new look, and a whole lot of old favourites and new products for you to faun over.

These aren’t just hairstyles, or skins, or clothing, the products at The Uneek allow you to become a virtual work of art. You can be as loud, colourful, and just as visually obnoxious as you want. But it’s not just about being colourful, if you have a fantasy avatar (mermaid, fae, etc) The Uneek skins and hairstyles might be just the bit of “oomph” you need.

The Uneek is now located in Junjong, next to Bizarre Hair and the new location of Lofty Aspirations. With so much cool stuff going on in one sim, be prepared for notices of great happenings. With the three of us knocking our heads together, you expect some fun collaborations.

Stop by the new location, Treebee has been getting rid of some old products, making some new ones, and the shop is always something cool to see.

Well, maybe not in this first picture, but you’ll see what I mean in the other pictures.

The beautiful drow skin and hairstyle shown above are from The Uneek. Treebee Withnail, designer and head honcho of The Uneek always has something interesting in her shop, indeed, I’d be hard-pressed to find anything that’s not interesting there.

The hairstyle will be available at the 2010 Hair Fair (opening in a couple hours!). Better go buy it now, or hold your complaints if you miss out on it. You can see more colour options here.

This is the hairstyle (or lack of hairstyle?) that made me feel so giddy, just like Esther Williams in one of her synchronized swimming scenes. I love synchronized swimming, and participated on a team when I was a kid.

The swimcap hairstyle comes with optional dreads (crazy uneek dreads!), but I love it just the way it is. The swimcap comes in several colour options that you can check out here.

These wonderfully Uneek hairstyle are available at the Hair Fair 2010.

Hawk’s great swimsuit/slips is from Vitamen. Shang is wearing swimwear from Doux Couture.

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