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DRACO Moonlight/Mithril - Serpent scales, from Fallen Gods, Inc for Fantasy Faire 2013

DRACO Moonlight/Mithril – Serpent scales, from Fallen Gods, Inc for Fantasy Faire 2013

Fallen Gods, Inc is participating in Fantasy Fair 2013, and owner/designer, Alia Baroque,  has had the honour (along with all the hard work that goes with it!) of designing one of the sims for the Faire.

As the donation items for Fanatasy Faire 2013, Fallen Gods, Inc has a series of scaled skin that is a must have for those of us who like to play mer-folk, and darker characters in role play venues. The Draco scaled skins have a subtle scaling, with exclusive colours available to Faire goers. I’ve shown them here with the Demon outfits that are also available from Fallen Gods, Inc. You can see the full range of colours for the  Draco scaled skins here.

DRACO Moonlight/Flame Serpent scales, from Fallen Gods, Inc for Fantasy Faire 2013

DRACO Moonlight/Flame Serpent scales, from Fallen Gods, Inc for Fantasy Faire 2013


Fallen Gods, Inc is located on the Magnificat sim for Fantasy Faire 2013 at location A.

Tekeli-li has a new hairstyle out with a coordinating set of jewelery.

Kindled is for the romantic at heart, or those like a truly exotic hairstyle with all the bells and whistles (colour change of course) that come with all Tekeli-li products. Kindled is a mostly mesh style (the ponytail part at the back is sculpted prim) that can be modified to a perfect fit.

Although Tekeli-li products are commonly associated with fantasy, some of his hairstyles can go completely mainstream, like the newest release, Kindle. I’ve shown Kindle below with an Eastern outfit from Mashooka.. and the two are stunning together.

The jewellery set includes the diadem (shown),  necklace (shown), earrings and bracelets. The Kindled hairstyle include the hairstyle itself, and the diadem. The hair colour can be changed via script, and there are literally hundreds of hair colour options to choose from – so finding the perfect shade should not be any problem at all.

And in the event you’re wondering if the Kindled sets might be a little too tame.. just remember: The devil is in the details. The way you put together a look makes all the difference in the world. Kindled can be as mild or wild as you want it to be.

Other Details
Top Picture:  Hazel eyes from CS (no longer available),  Salwar Amrita from Mashooka.
Bottom Picture:  Drow skin and ears from Mynerva, prim eyes and horns form Rue, Top from Tekeli-li.

Tekeli-li is one of my favourite shops. It;s one of those shops I love to go into just to look, though I’ve bought my share of Tekeli-li products also; the hairstyles scream mermaid. If you’re into high fantasy, mer, otherwordly beings, and just plain weird stuff.. give Tekeli-li a look.

You can find Tekeli-li at Fantasy Faire 2012, and he has put up a new product as his Donation Item, with a favourite from last year returning to tempt you to wet your feet.

Up first is last year’s Fantasy Faire Donation Item, which Tekeli-li has decided to bring back in case some of you were unable to pick it up last year. This exclusive colour version of the Deep Ones Sailfish is only available as a Donation Item, so pick it up while you can. Shown is the female version, a male version is available too.

The new Donation Item from Tekeli-li is a very simple jewelry set that, like all Tekeli-li products, is full y colour change. The Pectinidae set can be adjusted to coordinate with anything you wear, and has sizes included for both males and females.

Tekeli-li also has some gifts for you, just for visiting the Fantasy Faire 2012 Tekeli-li shop.

The mesh chest at the Faire can be yours for the taking. Once you have the chest at your home, look inside it to get the treasures hidden there. Inside you’ll find Mesh Ankh Earrings with (fully colour change), and a hairstyle,  Abberation, that is unisex and fully colour change. Don’t let the name of the hairstyle scare you off, this is a wonderful piece to round out your Tekeli-li collection, and works well for beings from other worlds, merfolk, and high fantasy monsters and rogues.

Besides, you can colour it to match your eyes.

Tekeli-li doesn’t have sales or specials very often, so when you see there is a sale on at the shop you should definitely plan to stop by. This is top notch full prim high fantasy wear. If you’re a plain Jane, you might not find anything in Tekeli-li to your taste (unless you have an uber high fantasy hidden side), but if you elves, and mermaids, and beasties from the darker side of imagination.. Tekeli-li is right up your dark little alley.

The sale lasts through today, so hurry on over. Hurry on over even if you don’t plan to buy anything, this shop is a feast for the eyes  and will definitely spark ideas for character alterations, role play, photos.. and a whole bunch of other good stuff.

Outfits shown above come in two packs each: one for the top and one for the bottom. Gender non-specific bottoms include options for males and females. Piscene jewelry is sold separately (1L$) and Starry Deco tiara was a past hunt gift.

Items from Tekeli-li are fully colour adjustable via script, which makes these very versatile items. See Salacia in the post below from a different look.

Hairstyle at top is Efreet (includes horns), and is only 1$. Hairstyle at bottom is Maeve, from Wasabi Pills. Maeve is shown in an RFL colour here, but there are other colour versions available in the shop.

Review Policy:

Please do not send review
items until further notice.
I am currently inactive in SL.
Thank you for your support!
Love you!

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