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Weird title, I know.

Hell Bop has a new gift out for faithful HB subscribo members.

Maltese Cross, subscribe gift from Hell Bop

This gift is unisex, and fits beautiful without a lot of prim adjusting to get it to lay properly.

E! lucky chair and MM prizes

E! has all new gifts in it’s lucky chair and Midnight Mania board.

The pretty tank top on the left has a delicate lace edging is the latest prize in the lucky board. The board is set to 10 minutes so teleport in all your friends and grab the top together!

The cowl top on the right  is the current prize midnight mania prize. Pop on over and click it. The board needs 200 people to click it before midnight. If it gets that many clicks then everyone wins the prize.. YAY!

If you have a little neko in you that is kicking and screaming to get out, be sure to get the gifts form PERTURB/ation before it’s too late. The gifts are in their W.O.W. shop, with ears on one wall, and the matching tail on the opposite walls

18july2009nekoThere is a central teleport point, so just follow the bouncing red arrow.


Now hop across the street to pick up these subscribo  gifts from Sassy Kitty. These great sets come in one great package as a thank you gift for subscribing to the group. The landmark is included below in case you get lost (lots of great shops in this sim!), so just follow the arrow.

In case you couldn’t decide on one of the bikinis in my previous post about bikinis here, here are three more to make you decision even harder.

bikini5First up is this delightful subscribo gift from Pixel Dolls. This suit is tintable, and comes with a ‘tan lines’ option.


This striking tankini is from Pididdle, the colour shown was a free gift in the shop, there are several more colours available (not free) if you’re not fond of green.


At Ema’s you can pick up this sweet checked bikini (complete with sarong) as the gift for July.


Background is a RL photo of the beach near me.

SL glitches from time to time. Sometimes the glitches are incredibly frustrating, like not being able to get group chat for a few weeks, and sometimes they’re.. well.. look.


Shang has no body.

Not as in “I ain’t got nobody”, but rather, “I ain’t got no body”.

A simple rebake fixes this problem, so no worries — Shang has a body again.


What I really wanted to show you is this wonderful lucky chair find from Dark Eden. The Shibari Chain Set (in silver here), while not everyday wear, sure is pretty. Full prim chains that cover none of your saucy bits are perfect for those with a more submissive nature, or for those of us who love well-made, unusual treasures.


This flowery pink body suit is called Pink Fantasy, and it was a Midnight Mania prize from a new-to-me shop called Sandra’s. This is a wonderful base for outfits (I love to mix-and-match).. and a white tutu looks wonderful with this.

sandras2This more demure, but certainly not dowdy gown is called bformal, and it’s a 20 minute camp prize from Sandra’s.

The belt is from an amazing pack sent to the Nomine sunscribo group. There are several version of the belt in the Nomine gift, as well as matching armbands, the bangles, anklets, and a pair of earrings.

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