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Well, boots actually.

And these ones are brought to you from Bizarre Creations just in time for Halloween. Featuring pumpkins and bats, these boots will take you stomping from door-to-door- demanding treats (or tricks) in spooky style. Lacing up the back adds a little much-needed kitsch during Halloween – something I love on Halloween, while the sky-high platforms put you heads and shoulders above the rest.

And while you’re there, check out the awesome entrance photos.
I love it when designers like my work enough to use it in their shop!

Out of the Future clothes, unusual hairstyles, and awesome boots for three reasons. Throw in a few Lucky Boards, a Midnight Mania that almost always ‘makes’, Riot Vends that are unbelievably low, and outrageous group gifts.. and Y not DV8??

Two colour versions of the popular Kitteh boots are available for free for the savvy Second Life shopper.  Gunmetal and Black, shown above, was a Midnight Mania prize. Violaceous, shown below, is a pick-me-up for DV8 group members.

Join the group to get notices when the Midnight Mania, Lucky Chair, and Group Gifts change. Be advised though, this is a lively group, and chat notices about Lucky Chairs and Riot Vends go out frequently.

The Lust for Latex Stilettoes, shown below are editable. This means you can change the colour of the foot and toes through editing! No HUD needed!


These are prim-perfect stilettos that will go with many of your wardrobe items. And since DV8 colours run true though out the entire collection, these will match a lot of your DV8 products.

I love shoes in SL and RL. In real life I’m strictly a ‘comfortable shoe’ kind of girl. I love my Teva sandals and my flats. In second life, I can go all out and wear the most outrageous shoes.. shoes I’d never think of wearing in real life.

I found these shoes in my wanderings, cool shoes that definitely make a statement when you walk into a room.

Clockwork Neko (left), and Royaume Special

The wonderfully grungy Clockwork Neko Boots from Battle Fairy are what every Neko needs. Get them NOW for an unbelievable price from the Car Wash Back to School sale. They’re only 10L$ until 14 September.

Just as wonderful are the unusual Roaume Pumps from the Grim Bros  midnight madness gorilla that I told you about here. Stop by the gorilla to check in once in a while for some very nice Grim Bros merchandise.

Now, for something I would wear in real life, look at these boots from RSS.

Desert Flower Cactus Rose Cowboy Boots

The Desert Flower Cactus Rose boots are only 10L$. There is another colour version for half price (134L$). Look around the shop while you’re there to find some other great deals, and a couple dollarbies.

It’s nice to have something other than conventional pumps and boots in our inventories, and here are some really nice ones to have..


The boots are from DJunk, and comes in three colour options for 0L$. On the right are the July Valerian gift from Enkythings. To get the Valerian pumps for free, join the Enkythings group and add Enkythings to your picks. It will take a couple days, so make sure to do this in time to get the July gift. Enkythings offers a different version of Valerian each month as a thank you.

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