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The Winter Holiday Village is your one stop Winter Holidays photo spot if you want adorable wintry pictures for  Holiday greeting cards.. or if you just want to take a few pretty pictures. Before heading over though, stop by Prim & Pixel Paradise to pick up some holiday outfits to really set the mood. The ones shown below are just a few examples. You can find much more at the main shop, or stop by the Winter Holiday Village shop just up the pathway a bit from the arrival spot.

Whether for at home entertaining, or a night on the town, you can find all your holiday clothing needs at Prim & Pixel Paradise.

Don’t forget the details! The right accessories and just the right hairstyle can make your holiday ensemble so much more special!

And talk about winter fun! At Winter Holiday Village you can take a sight-seeing carriage ride, feed Santa’s reindeer, ski, ice skate, you can even have a one-on-one talk with the big guy himself! Pick up free skis on site to try tour hand at both cross country and downhill skiing. There is also a drawing for a pair of Bax ice skates, and a winter photo contest you can enter. Click the subscribe kiosk to keep up-to-date on the latest information and to get the complete rules for the photo contest.

At Prim & Pixel Paradise you’ll find clothes suitable for entertaining your friends and business acquaintances, as well as clothes that are just right for having fun in.

Want shoes?

Prim & Pixel Paradise has shoes and boots for all seasons. Check both the Winter Holiday Village Magic of Christmas shop and the Main shop for a great selection. You can find wearable free samples in selected styles so that you can try before you buy, what a great idea!

Prim & Pixel Paradise has a new release out called Dallas, and it will have you yelling “Yehaw!”

This set has so many pieces, so many layering options, that you can build a wardrobe with this one outfit. The colour is gorgeous, looking like tanned deerskin, and the textures are perfect.. as they always are at P&P.

Included are two skirt options, pants and chaps with prim cuffs, a bikini, hat, two vest options, and two shirt options with prim cuffs. I’ve paired the various pieces of the Dallas set with boots from Hoorenbeek.

The Dallas set is not free, but with one price including so many versatile pieces to mix and match, this set is a bargain you simply can’t pass up.

Taken on location at Bitter Creek. Please note that Bitter Creek is a western role play area, if you visit be sure to dress appropriately in 1800’s western wear, and wear an observer tag.

And guys, if you want to get in on the western role play fun, SF Designs has an outfit for you as their prize in the MENstuff Hunt. It’s a big shop, so here’s a hint:

“Dont TIE yourself in knots trying to find this one, look up”

I use Diesel Works poses all the time in my pictures because they’re good basic poses for modeling. When I chose to use a pose, I generally don’t need something that shows action, or how much fun I’m having, a need a pose that shows the clothes well, and Diesel Works fills that need perfectly.

That’s not saying that Diesel Works poses can’t be fun.

Right now Diesel Works has some fun couple poses  that you can try out for free. The POE Hunt gift, show above is good for all kinds of friends, it’s not just a guy-girl pose.. but is a pose for all of us. What a cute pose this would be for those holiday cards we’ll all be sending out in the next couple weeks!

Rogan Diesel, owner of Diesel Works and the mind behind all of the great products at Diesel Works always has a freebie out for us. They can be found near the landing point. While you’re there, don’t forget to try out some of the other great poses and props, I’m particularly fond of the Diesel Works Chaise Lounge that can be seen in this post.

Poses at Diesel Works can be purchased as single poses, or in money-saving fat packs. Join the group, and save even more with group discounts!

Clothes in this post are from Prim & Pixel Paradise (one Shang) and Vitamen (on Hawk).

The snowflake jammies are a free gift from Prim & Pixel Paradise. The cute bow earrings Shang is wearing are also from prim & Pixel Paradise; you’ll have to visit Santa to get these beauties, which are available in several colour options.

The briefs Hawk is wearing are the current gift of the month (December). Stop by Vitamen to get them.

Prim & Pixel Paradise has a set of mini dresses out, and they’re only 99L$ each for a limited time.

I’ve opted to show these adorable dresses in bits and pieces, since there are so many pieces, and there are so many options for different ways to wear all these pieces. You can go from full “you-can-go-out-in public” coverage to “only-in-private” coverage.

There are four wintry, holiday colour variations, and all of them are as pretty as can be.

The sets come with a prim corset, as well as the corset and top on all layers, in case your not fond of prim clothing. There are two skirt options: the pretty frothy skirt shown in the above two pictures, as well as a longer version in the same pretty colours as the corsets, shown below.

One of the really nice things about having clothes on multiple layers is that it gives you the option of mixing and matching them with other outfits in your inventory, and the prim corset gives us even more variety since it let’s us leave those all-important three layers free for clothing and tattoos.

Need to play the Hostess (or Host) with the mostest? Prim & Pixel Paradise has this great Host(ess) pack for you you as a gift. Options for both males and females are included.

Have fun!

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