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Grim Bros never fails to please if you love the strange, unusual clothes, avatars, skins, and gadgets to be found in Second Life. The shoes and hats at Grim Bros are to die for.. really.

To lure you into her little shop of oddities, Cutea Benelli, designer and proprietress of Grim Bros has a Midnight Mania Gorilla. Once there, the trap is sprung, of course, and you can hardly escape without parting with some of your hard-won L$. But it’s for a good cause, because when we spend L$ in their shops, our favourite designers are motivated to design more stuff for us to buy. See? A win-win all the way around!

Anyway, shown above is the most recent Gorilla Mania prize, the Madame Poupee gown, in red. As always, it’s a beautiful treasure from Grim Bros.. and not to be missed. A word of warning, The Gorilla prizes change with alarming frequency; so if you delay, you will miss out.

Worn with this luscious gown is a skin from Kleineschwein. These lovely skins are wonderfully simple, and bring to mind the courts of  Louis XVI with pale makeups, lush red lips, and moles that are perfectly placed. Try a demo pack (free) to check them for yourself. Note, if you like the tan skins that everybody seems to be wearing lately, these unusual skins may not be for you.

The hairstyle is from [M&K] Hidden Treasures, and it’s one we’ve brought back out for Halloween. At 100L$, it’s a bargain, and one that will disappear on All Soul’s Day.

The half-mask, Chicanery, from Favole, is a donation item at Horrorfest, with 100% of the sale price going to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Pixel Dolls also has a gift for you, all of you. It’s a wonderful autumn colour version of the new Diane dress, and looks so appropriate for this time of year. Pick it up in the main lobby of Pixel Dolls, then take the time to look around the shop — there are some great deals here, and Pixel Dolls products are always crafted with quality in mind!

Pixel Dolls has four new blouses out for women. There have been frequent new releases at Pixel Dolls lately, and new releases always have special (low) pricing for the first 24 hours.. but four blouses for free?


If you’re not in the Pixel Dolls subscribe group, definitely join it.  The group won’t take up a group space and you get early notices of all Pixel Doll new releases as well as notices about some of the great sales Pixel Dolls is renown for.

You’ll ind these blouses tucked neatly in the gift boxes in the new releases section at Pixel Dolls.

Yep, it’s that time of year again: time to head to the shops to try on dozens of swimsuits in an attempt to find the one that hides most of our figure flaws.

I’ve had some of the swimsuits shown in this post for quite some time. All are still available, though some may no longer be available for free.

Of course, few of us have that problem in SL, which means that we can concentrate our search on finding the cutest styles, like the bikini (complete with sarong) from Ema’s. This is an old MM win, but good news, it’s now in the Lucky Chairs just outside Ema’s Mall.

The cute, tomboy style swimsuit, above, is from Ibizarre. I love the modified boycut on this suit. You can find Allie in the Ibizarre Palamos Island shop.

Ray Skin has some of the cutest clothes on the grid. The frilly, cuddly, adorable clothes found at Ray Skin are definitely for girly girls.

The bikinis above and below can both be found at Ray Skin. There are dollarbies all over the shop (which is huge!). The Blue one above is called +Border+, the cute skirt style bikini below is called +Mitzutama+.

Most of the skins used in this post are the White Wolf vampire clan skins from Smash Face. These are actually retiring skins from the older B. Bodenhall and Domestic-V lines.

The skin below is from Loser, and is currently in the MM board. If you missed this skin earlier and want to pick it up, now would be a good time. Tan lines are a separate layer from Pixel Dolls.

The free tint-able bikini is also from Pixel Dolls, and comes in both tied and untied versions.

The retro Watermelon One Piece (above) is a cute swimsuit from Vextra Messing that can be worn with capris for a fun look. You can find it behind the front counter for only 1L$.  There are two dollarbie bikinis there too!


The Snakeskin version of the SD Connection swimsuit was sent out to SD Wears subscribe members a while ago, and a check shows it’s no longer in past messages. However, you can find this swimsuit in other patterns and colours in three packs for 175L$ a pack.. that’s less than 60L$ a swimsuit!

While you’re in the shop, don’t forget to check the Midnight Mania board, and subscribe to receive news about new releases from SD Wears.

Poses are from Diesel Works, Striking Poses, and LAP.

Photographed on location near The Mother Road.

Ok, so I couldn’t come up with a catchy title.

But I think you’ll agree that it’s ok that I didn’t come up with a catchy title when you see the clothes.


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