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If you are, you’ll need some great clothes that set you apart from the other tourists.

How about some dresses from Paris Metro? Casual enough to wear while shopping in your favourite resort town, these dresses can also take you to lunch, dinner, and dancing afterwards. And you don’t have to tell anyone they’re free, let them think you spent a ton of money on them.

The casual Sybille hairstyle is from Wasabi Pills. Just brush it and go, no need for fuzzy up-dos or frilly decorative doodads; this style looks great with hats. Wasabi Pills hairstyles are reasonably priced. Pick up demos for free, and save big money on the full range of colours with a fat pack – seriously, you’re gonna want these styles in every colour anyway, so you may as well get them all at a discount with the fat pack.

Whether you dream of elegance, high adventure, or just a day spent sunning on the beach, Paris Metro might be just the shop for you.

A long time supporter of the arts in Second Life,  RFB Morpork often has dresses in the Paris Metro Gallery using textures of artwork from the artist exhibiting there. When you buy one of the artist inspired gowns, proceeds form the sale go to the artists on display. I recommend a visit to the Paris metro gallery, you’ll see works from some of the best real life artists in Second Life.

Paris metro always has some free samples you can take home to try out. Shown in this post are some current free samples of designs from RFB Morpork.Be advised that Ms. Morpork changes her free samples frequently, so if you miss these ones, visit the shops anyway.. you’ll always be able to pick up some wonderful gowns, dresses, and pants sets there.

Shown above is Beaded Bikini – Hot Pink, a Mother’s Day gift from Paris Metro. As of last check this afternoon, this gift was still available at Paris Metro Couture, link is at the end of this post.

Also at Paris Metro Main Shop is the Moulin Rouge collection. You can pick up the red version, for free at the desk, to check the collection out. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll want to pick up this hot little cocktail dress in every colour.

Electric Indigo, shown below is a contemporary piece with side cutouts.  This gown seems to float on air as you walk along the boardwalk at Las Islas. You can pick up Electric Indigo at Paris Metro’s CWS Fashion District location.

Dotted Amour in a lovely shade of vert is shown below. I think this is my favourite. it includes three skirts to be worn simultaneously for a full look, a neck scraf, and a belt. Pick it up at the Paris Metro Four Seasons location. Link is below.

Paris Metro is always a must-see whenever I am looking for beautiful formal wear. Paris Metro not only has sumptuous formal wear, but casual wear as well. Shown in this post are some clothes still available at Paris Metro for free, and a couple of items that are available for purchase.

Sant Tropetz tenue, shown above, is currently available in the shop as a thank you for becoming a group member. Join the Paris metro group  to stay up to date on the latest releases and events at Paris Metro, then pick up this gorgeous tropical dress.

Shown above is You’re An Animal, in steaming hot fuchsia, from Paris Metro. This dress was the prize in the Lazy Daisy Hunt, which has just ended. It might still be available in the shop, so stop by and take a look. Even if it is not available, Paris metro always has hunt prizes, so you’ll win just by stopping in to take a look.

The Feather Leather Cocktail dress, shown above, is the Squirrel’d Away Hunt prize.  This hunt started 01 June, and runs through the end of the month. Hunt prizes are not hard to find in Paris Metro, and Miss Morpork sends a note card to group members, telling us where to find the prizes at the beginning of each hunt.

Hairstyles in this post are new releases from Wasabi Pills. Shown at the top is Vicky, a causal style featuring loose ponytails in the front. The second and third pictures feature Yumi, a loose bob that includes versions with and without the cute bow headband. The headband is colour change to coordinate with a variety of outfits in your wardrobe.

AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW…You can deposit your wildest dream and just maybe, maybe your wishes will come true!

That’s how the note card begins. And you do need a wish, and some wise advice, and a memory.. and what are you waiting for? This hunt won’t last forever; because fun as it is, everything has a beginning.. and an end.

This isn’t your typical hunt, it is challenging, and the prizes won’t be handed to you.. you’ll have to work to earn them. But they are totally worth it, they’re from Paris Metro after all! There is one more gift coming.. but I didn’t get my wish granted yet.. I’ll post an update as soon as I do.

To start the journey…this is the place. Just look for the telescope:

The setting for my photos this week is The Lost World sim. This sim is beautiful and mysterious;  you can explore it for days and still not discover all its secrets. If you haven’t been for a visit yet, I encourage you to plan a visit soon.

In keeping with the theme of wishes, I’m posting another gown that is offered at Paris Metro. I actually picked this gown up weeks ago, and I’m glad to see that the Make-A-Wish kiosk is still up.

Make-A-Wish is an organisation that grants wishes to children with terminal illnesses. I can’t imagine a better way to spend your hard-earned L$, plus you get a gorgeuos dress in the deal.

You can find the Make-A-Wish kiosk at Paris Metro’s main shop, near the stairwell. There are gifts for both men and women. Though it’s a pay what you will.. be sure to donate generously to this great cause.

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