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Lofty Aspirations will be at SL9B for a week starting 18 June 2012. Inside the gallery you will find products from [M&K] and great artwork! Nothing can be sold at SL9B… BUT… we have put out some past hunt hairstyles for FREE!

If you’re wondering what SL9B is, you can read more here.

Stop by and pick up these oldies but goodies while you can because after a SL9B they go back into my inventory.

We know you’ve been sitting on pins and needles all year waiting for this one.
It’s weird, wild, and wonderful.
It’s the Third Annual Crazy Hair Hunt!

This year, Treebee, the madwoman behind the Crazy Hair Hunt, challenged us to create a hairstyle under the theme “Flora and Fauna”.  Alternative hairstylists from across Second Life stepped up to the plate to offer their designs, and wow! Did they come up with some good ones!Many of these are one-of-a-kind designs that will never again be available outside of the hunt. So have fun, take your time, and get wild and crazy for one of the weirdest hunts on the grid.

Shown above is Spider Plant, from Rosey Mood. Paired with a skin from Grim Bros, how can you not love this look?

You can take your pet sheep everywhere with you when you’re wearing Corvis Szpiegel (try saying that three times fast!) from [hate this]. I love the moss hair!

When looking to wear one of these more unconventional styles, look beyond the “norm” and pair it with a colourful skin, and prim ears to make a look that’s all your own.

Purple Mystica headdress from [M&K], shown above, can be worn as an almost there style (It’s perfect for a fae!), or wear it as a hat with your favourite hairstyle. Don’t you just love options?

Love Care Bears?
Love flippy hair?

Then this style is for you! Care bear on a swing also comes in a hat only version so that you can take your Care Bear with you where ever you go.

On noos.. the squirrels are packing their store of food in my hair! This cute style is from .:EMO-tions:., and you can get it for free in the Crazy Hair Hunt!

Please note: I’m not giving direct landmarks to the specific styles blogged. The Crazy Hair Hunt can be joined at any spot in the hunt (it’s a round-robin hunt), so just pick a shop and get started.. it’s that easy!

The Official Crazy Hair Hunt Bloggers:

I’ve put out a special colour of the Two Pence if You Guess What’s Under Me Hat hairstyle. You can pick it up at Lofty Aspirations.

You had to know that a shop like Grim Bros would be kicking off Halloween early with some great products, a freebie, and a Halloween area to explore. Take a friend with you to the Halloween area.. trust me on this. There’s a not-so-scary and a scary area, you’ll need to hold someone’s hand in the scary area.

And while you’re exploring Grim Bros, don’t forget to teleport down to the shop, a landmark is included at the bottom of this post for your teleporting convenience. Grim Bros always has goodies you can pick up for free, and the shoes are to die for. The shoes at Grim Bros are some of the most creative shoes on the grid, many following a concept or theme.. and many of them have moving parts!

Besides awesome prices on beautifully textured gothic and macabre clothing, you’ll find freebie deals like the Gifting Gorilla, mini-manias, a matching game, and random freebies around the shop. With Halloween approaching, look for little pumpkins containing prizes too.

All of the clothing shown in this post is from Grim Bros, and all of these were free! Hairstyles and hats (with the exception of grimpengrumpkin) are from [M&K], located at Lofty Aspirations.

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