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As promised, here are some more pictures of those amazing collars from Finesmith Designs.

When I saw Finesmith Designs jewelry pieces the very first time, I muttered to myself, “wow.. these are a little different.” And they are. These pieces, little pieces of wearable art really, hit the ball out of the park in terms of design and functionality. You have to be willing to be a bit outrageous if you’re going to wear Finesmith Designs. You have to be able to deal with stares,  finger pointing, and the sound of jaws hitting the floor as you walk by.

But then someone a little braver than the others will sidle up and say quietly, “I love your necklace, where did you get it?”

And you’ll smile to yourself, because you know she’s asking what the others are all wondering.

“Finesmith Designs.”

You can set the colours of this jewelry from tastefully sedate to f*ckin’ outrageous, and everything in between..


Although accessories can make or break a look, the clothes you’re wearing can flavour your accessories too. Like all timeless pieces, Finesmith’s pieces are like chameleons and can fit beautifully with many different “looks”.

Also featured are antlers from MiaSnow, and the Cariad gown from Evie’s Closet. Pick  up the antler’s for 10L$ at MiaSnow, and the gown for only 50L$ at the Adore&Abhor main shop..

Likka House has been around for three years now (WoW!) and to celebrate, there is a gift waiting for you on the counter in the main shop.

This lovely, imaginative outfit is called Papagena, and it’s beautifully textured, as are all of Likka’s products. There is also a photo contest invvolving Likka House, URDogs, and CoCo. Pick up a notecard for more information at any of the participating shops.

Paired with this lovely outfit is the unusual Isis skin, form MiaSnow. This particular clown skin is only 69L$.. a bargain if you love unusual skins. Turban is form the Voodoo ensemble. Voodoo was a gift from Ho Wear quite a while ago. I’m not sure if the Voodoo ensemble is still in the shop, but if it is, it’s no longer free. This is from the days when HeidiHo Hewitt put all her designs up for free for 24 hours before they went up for sale in the shop.

These looks would probably do the job.

Only a few days after putting not one, but two awesome dia de los muertos skin up in her shop.. for free, MiaSnow Myriam puts up an equally awesome skin for guys.

Muerto Miguel is now up in the Midnight Mania board at Miasnow. It needs only 5 people to slap it, and one person wins the skin. If you can muster a crowd, it won’t take long for everyone to win one.. so gather your friends and head on over to MiaSnow.

And what could go better with the Muerto Miguel skin than some suitably gruesome underwear that’s the October gift from Vitamen? These are so great that I picked up a set too. um.. don’t worry about that little blood spatter, blood washes out.

While at MiaSnow, don’t forget about the Hunt of the Living Dead. MiaSnow is participating in this hunt, and the skins, though gruesome, are very well done with veins and bruises.. and two truly creepy sets of eyes. There is one for girl zombies, and one for guy zombies.

I was intrigued with the dia de los muertos skins at MiaSnow since I’ve been painting my own sugar skulls lately. It’s been a tedious process: first cutting the skull shapes from pine, then sanding them smooth. After the cutting and sanding comes the fun part: Painting! Then it’s back to more sanding after they’ve had a couple coats of poly, more sanding, more poly..


You get the general idea.

But the results are beautiful, and I hope to have my own dia de los muertos skulls in my gallery soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful skins from MiaSnow. You can hit the Midnight Mania Board (a single winner for every ten people who hit it), or get lucky with the Lucky Board, for some samples of these very pretty, very unusual skins.

So that then men don’t feel left out, there is a Corpse skin tucked into a Lucky Board just for you.

Head on over to MiaSnow, and check the Lucky Boards and Midnight Mania. Try the samples.. and watch your L$, because you’re gonna want to get the fatpacks of these skins!

Hair shown in this post are from Boon (top two) and The Stringer Mausoleum. Clothes are from Ancient Tree Kimono. Photographed at The Lost World.

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