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You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into an underwater cavern at the B@re Rose Art Gallery. The theme for this exhibit is Underwater, and I’ve pulled a couple of vintage pieces from my inventory as well as a few in world photos just for this very special exhibit. This is the first time I’ve shown my SL photography in a public gallery in Second Life.

The exhibit runs through the end of February, don’t miss this extraordinary exhibit!

Nomine, well known for well-made unusual skins has a new line out for mermaids. The skins come in several colour options, and have a feature I love: The tail is painted directly on the skins! That’s right, no more awkward prim pieces, just a long, sleek look from your waist to the tip of your tail.

Each colour comes with two versions, a sparkle version, and what I guess you could call a ‘normal’ version. The sparkle version has the shimmers and highlights you would expect to see with merfolk, while the ‘normal’ skins are perfect not only for mer, but for their land-based fantasy cousins: faeries and elves.

The skins packages are a great deal for your Linden Dollar, for the price you’ll pay at most shops for a skin alone, you get four versions of the skin (sparkle and normal in both tail and no-tail versions), the tail parts (fins), eyes, and some mer animations to get you started.

in the photo above you can see the normal version of the melusine skin, while the sparkle version is shown below.

Hairstyle in the two top photos are from Tekeli-li, in the two bottom photos is shown Eve, from Wasabi pills.
Poses are from Club Mermaid and Diesel Works.

I stumbled on Club Mermaid, and was delighted to discover a beautiful environ for merfolk that includes a dance club, lovely landscaped areas with nooks to snuggle in, and wonderful shops that have pretty tails, animations, and mer-furnishings  for you.

You’ll find tails by Club Mermaid, but don’t stop at the freebie table then leave, take the time to explore and to see everything there is to see, you won’t be disappointed.

You’ll find a free basic mer AO (Animation Over-ride) in Merberry, as well as the free Halloween Tail shown below (though it might have been changed after this post). Note that tails do not ‘work’ without a mer AO, so pick up the free one when you pick up your tails.

The lovely tails shown above, AquaOrange and Frozen Mermaid, are both free! Just stop by and pick them up. Then go exploring. You’ll find Merberry next door.

Glossilymermaid Christmas, shown above, is perfect for the holiday season. It’s bright, and gaudy, and has packages that poof presents.. all the Christmassy fun we’ve come to know and love. Pick it up for free and hold onto it till this Christmas, you know you want to!

After you’ve explored Club Mermaid and danced the night away, head on over to Two Moons Paradise for more exploring.

This place has one of the prettiest mermaid dance clubs I’ve seen yet. Clue: There are more than one, look for the one in the picture above. Seriously,. I’m in love with these two sims, they’re so pretty!

Ann Orchid sent me a note card a few days telling me about a new mer sim her friend was working on. I love note cards like this!

I had picked up some tails from Mermaid Treasure Boutique recently, and this gave me the perfect opportunity to check the new sim out, and take some pictures to show you. Please note that the tails and hairstyles pictured below are not free.

The sim features dances for merfolk, and the beginnings of some tunnels you can swim through to explore new areas. Be advised, it’s not done yet, so there’s not a lot to see at this point in time; but it shows the beginnings of a sim that will be fun for merfolk to explore. The builder is open to ideas and suggestions, so feel free to check it out (even in this early stage of development.. and send some suggestions along! You can find the link at the bottom of this post.

Shown above is the Snake Eyes mermaid tail, from MTB. Skin from Cupcakes and a hairstyle from Wasabi pills complete this ensemble. The red body tattoo is from the Fallen Gods descent hunt, and top is from Mermaid Reef.

One of the mermaids and Minis mermaid tails is shown above. These tails come with a coordinating mini that can be worn by landlubbers.  Hairstyle is from Wasabi Pills, and the brightly coloured skin is from Grim Bros (free!). You can see an example of the mini included with these tails at my Flickr page.

Tempest Touched, shown below, is suitable for mermen or mermaids. It comes with the cool top shown in the picture. Hairstyle is from Vita’s Boudoir, and the skin is from Fallen Gods.

Photgraphed on location at Mer-cave at Furturesurf.

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