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CW MALE is a new men’s fashion revolution offering casual and semi-casual styles and have what is considered the “Metro” look.

The motto at CW MALE is: The SL Man Will Never Look The Same Again!

Hawk is wearing the Metro 1 ensemble, and while it’s made for the city, it looks equally at home in the country. You can purchase the full outfits for a single price, or purchase each piece and accessory separately giving you the choice  to mix and match pieces as you please. I love options!

Check out the CW MALE blog for more information and great looks. CW Male is also available on SL Marketplace for your shopping convenience.

I use Diesel Works poses all the time in my pictures because they’re good basic poses for modeling. When I chose to use a pose, I generally don’t need something that shows action, or how much fun I’m having, a need a pose that shows the clothes well, and Diesel Works fills that need perfectly.

That’s not saying that Diesel Works poses can’t be fun.

Right now Diesel Works has some fun couple poses  that you can try out for free. The POE Hunt gift, show above is good for all kinds of friends, it’s not just a guy-girl pose.. but is a pose for all of us. What a cute pose this would be for those holiday cards we’ll all be sending out in the next couple weeks!

Rogan Diesel, owner of Diesel Works and the mind behind all of the great products at Diesel Works always has a freebie out for us. They can be found near the landing point. While you’re there, don’t forget to try out some of the other great poses and props, I’m particularly fond of the Diesel Works Chaise Lounge that can be seen in this post.

Poses at Diesel Works can be purchased as single poses, or in money-saving fat packs. Join the group, and save even more with group discounts!

Clothes in this post are from Prim & Pixel Paradise (one Shang) and Vitamen (on Hawk).

The snowflake jammies are a free gift from Prim & Pixel Paradise. The cute bow earrings Shang is wearing are also from prim & Pixel Paradise; you’ll have to visit Santa to get these beauties, which are available in several colour options.

The briefs Hawk is wearing are the current gift of the month (December). Stop by Vitamen to get them.

Exodi and WoE have teamed up to bring you some totally cool stuff for the holidays. One present from each shop will appear in front of the tree located in the center of the sim. Once the present for that day is gone.. it’s gone,  so come every day if you want to collect all twelve!

Guys, you’re gonna love this too, because there are guy-friendly gifts! Woot!

These looks would probably do the job.

Only a few days after putting not one, but two awesome dia de los muertos skin up in her shop.. for free, MiaSnow Myriam puts up an equally awesome skin for guys.

Muerto Miguel is now up in the Midnight Mania board at Miasnow. It needs only 5 people to slap it, and one person wins the skin. If you can muster a crowd, it won’t take long for everyone to win one.. so gather your friends and head on over to MiaSnow.

And what could go better with the Muerto Miguel skin than some suitably gruesome underwear that’s the October gift from Vitamen? These are so great that I picked up a set too. um.. don’t worry about that little blood spatter, blood washes out.

While at MiaSnow, don’t forget about the Hunt of the Living Dead. MiaSnow is participating in this hunt, and the skins, though gruesome, are very well done with veins and bruises.. and two truly creepy sets of eyes. There is one for girl zombies, and one for guy zombies.

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