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Drop in on Metro Rain for a couple of gifts — one for guys, and one for girls.

Gifts from Metro Rain

Hope you like red!

I know what you’re thinking:


That’s exactly what I thought when I got the notecard saying Exodi had male skins, and was having a hunt.

Arrival on the hunt grounds

Upon arriving at the hunt grounds, I wasn’t really sure what I was lookig for, in my excitement I wandered around a bit, looking at various things.

I sat down to think about it

After wandering a bit, I decided to sit and think about it. hmm.. where to start? The scarecrow would have told me to start at the beginning, so back I went to the beginning. Ah.. instructions, instructions are good.

Newly armed with the “how to” on the hunt, I went back to search; after all, everyone likes candy.

Lily variations

There are 23 different candies hidden around this spooky little town… each with a different surprise. Upon finding a candy, all you have to do is click it. You have a 50% chance of receiving the award you desire. ;)

Nazareth vamped, Cold Blood

Candies can be found multiple times, but each candy has a different “main” prize. When clicked, the candy will dispense either a copy of itself or the special prize item inside. The decision is random! Once found, the candy will disappear and reappear in a new location, ready to be hunted again.

Good luck!

Look for the portal and click on it to go to the hunt grounds, but not until 16 October. I’ve shown only a small sampling of the hunt prizes, there’s so much more!

“Don’t do it!” she shouted as he stood on the edge of the bridge. She ran to try to stop him, tears streaming down her face..

rfyretimelessmalebut she was too late.

Or so she thought.

She was shocked to see him standing there after he had jumped; he appeared to have simply floated back up to stand where he’d been crouching just a moment ago.


He stood there, looking smug, impeccably dressed as usual. “You didn’t think I’d actually die.. did you?”

Hawk is dressed in the current lucky chair prize from RFyre, Timeless. Try your luck before Timeless is pulled.

It seemed like the perfect place to settle, the land was lush with plants, there was plenty of water.. and it was blessedly free of other people. Exactly the way they liked it.

See.. they didn’t like people snooping into their personal business. There was a pile of bones out in back of their old house lie testament to the fact that they didn’t like snoops.

It was this pile that had forced their hasty departure.

But.. change is good, no?

They built a home; no small cottage, mind you. The gate they erected to keep out trespassers should have kept any visitors away.

Although they didn’t want a hoard of people through the gate, the occasional visitor was easily dealt with.. they had to eat you know.

What are they wearing?

Belladonna and Belladonald, of course.

Belladonald will be placed next to the Pick’s Reward board in front of the shop and set out as a gift to the gentlemen out there; this offer expires Saturday, May 30th, 2009 at 11:50 PM LST.

ßelladonna, a wonderful gothic gown with tons of options, is available as a picks reward for the ladies. Have fun with this, mix and match the black rose lace with the silken damask layers, be unique.

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