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The sim-wide Black Heart Hunt started yesterday!

There are 20 items from 1L to 10L for you to find in and around Lemania Indigo Designs and the Bizarre Behaviour sim.  To find the outfits you want, use “Edit” to see what is in the hunt item before you purchase it. There’s a lot to find, so done your most comfortable shoes and get hunting!

To see all the outfits you can find, see Lemania Indigo’s Blog at the url included below. Please not that Lemania Indigo’s outfits almost always come with matching shoes, and some of the outfits include accessories. I usually choose to accessorise outfits my own way, so the shoes and other accessories shown in the pictures are not necessarily the ones included with the outfits.

Although I’ve chosen a selection of dresses from the hunt to show you, there are casual outfits, including pant sets to find.

The Black Hearts Hunt runs from 11 February through 28 February 2012, and other shops located on the sim are participating in the hunt.

In honor of the Black Hearts Hunt that will begin on 31 January and lasts until the end of February, Lemania Indigo has some Black pretties for you, and has thrown in a selection of B’s to anti up the pot. To see all the great designs, and some bargains not shown here, you’ll just have to visit Lemania Indigo Designs.

Bolero is a fabulous design featuring a brightly coloured bolero style jacket. This outfit comes with options to wear it as a skirt, or as wide-leg pants. Find it in the Black Hearts Hunt, coming soon to a sim near you.

Black Russian, shown above and below, is a prize in the Black Hearts Hunt. Hunt for items priced from 1L$ to 20L$, more info about this hunt will be coming soon, as well as pictures of and some freaky and lovely things.

Don’t you just love teasers?

Ballerina Rose, shown below, can be yours for the low price of just 1L$ if you belong to Divine Divas. If you’re not a Divine Diva yet, join the group and get this stunning ensemble by Summer Loon.

Poses and background used in this post are from Diesel Works. The Polywall comes packed with an amazing  26 poses, and 16 backgrounds. You can adust the position and rotation of your avatar inside the Polywall along all axis. There are subtle backgrounds like the blue shown above, and white shown here, as well as some pretty wild ones. If you loved the old one, you’re going to love this updated version, so hop on over to Diesel Works to try the demo.

Lemania Indigo does fabulous gowns and dresses, in the real world, these would be worthy of A-List Red Carpet status. What’s even more wonderful is that you can get these gowns and dresses in SL for a pittance of what they would cost you in RL. Dress up is fun in either world, so go  ahead and feel free to splurge a few RL pennies (yes, pennies) on extravagant gowns by Lemania Indigo.

Fallin’ for the 40’s, shown above, includes a fur-trimmed dress, hat, and matching shoes. You would pay at least 100L$ for the shoes alone at most shops, and  Lemania Indigo includes all these pieces for one low price. Real Life cost: Approximately $.50.

Parts of Circus Gold and Showgirl have been combined in one box to bring you an exclusive design, shown above (gown and gloves) and below (headpiece).  Note that headpiece and mask shown above are no longer available, necklace is from House of Darcy. I’ve shown the gown with other accessories to illustrate how the feel of a gown can be changed with a quick accessory change, and just how versatile the gowns from Lemania Indigo are. I love this look!

Clothing from Lemania Indigo Designs is timeless. You can wear these styles a decade from now and they will still look as fresh as the day you bought them; and the mix-n-match possibilities are endless, giving each outfit added value as accessories to other outfits.

Lemania Indigo Group Members (referred to as Divine Divas for a reason), get fringe benefits like the current Group Gift shown above. Appropriately named best Friends, this ensemble includes the belt as shown. Want to see more and get in on great Midnight manias and Lucky Boards as you shop for great fashion bargains? Visit Lemania Indigo Designs at the link included below.

You’re welcome.

You already know that Lemania Indigo designs fabulous gowns because you read this blog, and I tell you that regularly. But, did you know that she also does gowns suitable for Halloween?

Mourning, shown above, is anything but sombre. This chic black gown is simple enough to be accessorised to your hearts content.. or let its simple beauty be the star. Black is perfect any time of the year, so store this one in your inventory for all the holiday parties coming up, with a few accessories, they’ll never know you’re wearing the same gown twice! It is only 99L$ for a limited time, get it at this super low price while you can!

Call Me Pumpkin, shown below, is the group gift for October. It comes with everything you need to make a grand entrance to a Halloween ball. A hairstyle accentuated with a pumpkin hat is included, but I just had to show you the great Halloween hairstyle from Bizarre hair that was last year’s Halloween style. Great design never really goes out of style, and this hairstyle is just as fresh looking this year as it was last year.

Did you know that Lemania Indigo is an artist in Real life? Check out her Etsy page to see her wonderful pastel renditions of old time movie stars. Now you can support the arts in both real life and Second Life.

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