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Evita, from Lupoaica, for Fantasy Faire 2013.

Evita, from Lupoaica, for Fantasy Faire 2013.

Fantasy Faire 2013 has made a lot of money for the American Cancer Society, but they’re not finished yet! There’s lots more good stuff to be bought and you’ll see a lot more fundraising events.

Lupoaica owner/designer, Meka Aeon, has put this braided hairstyle up as her donation item for Fantasy Faire 2013. This style is very typical of what any medieval maiden would wear; it’s a simple braid pulled back and secured with a bow. This braid is long, and reaches almost to the floor! When you purchase the hairstyle, don’t forget to pick up the HUD, which is free.  It’s straight forward, and easy to use, just make sure to read the included note card first. Be patient, it takes a few seconds to fully load the first time. One hairstyle, and one HUD means you inventory stays a little lighter than if you had to store each individual colour. Less stuff in my inventory? I like that!


  • Lupoaica is located at H on the Ravenshard sim for Fantasy Faire 2013. A Ravenshard map is not included at the Fantasy Faire 2013 blog, so I’ve included a direct teleport, just follow the bouncing red arrow.


Now, if you teleport to Lupoaica Fantasy Faire 2013 location, you’ll also find a free gift. Shown above is Topanga2, set of reds is free at the Faire location. Below is Puck, with a pack of blacks and whites free at the Faire.


Puck, from Lupoaica, free at the Fantasy Faire 2013 location.

Puck, from Lupoaica, free at the Fantasy Faire 2013 location.


  • Puck, from Lupoaica.
  • Fantastical Eyes are from Sterling Artistry. Colour shown is Enduring (prim eyes are colour change, size change via script)
  • Neko ears from p/a. No longer available.
  • Gothneko skin from Den Dou. No longer available.

You loved dressing as a princess, or a fairy, or maybe a fairy princess a as child, and now Second Life is no different: You love playing dress up. I think we all love playing dress up: putting on those personae that we can’t put on in real life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could go to work dressed the way we really want to dress?

Designers like Kouse Singh, of Kouse’s Santum sell us the tools to carry out our fantasies in Second Life in a way that we can never carry them out in real life, and for pennies on the real life dollar. Now you can dress the part of your favourite fairytale heroine and donate to a good cause.. all at the same time!

Kouse’s Sanctum is a merchant at Fashion for Life, and there are not one, but four gorgeous gowns to purchase as Donation items.

Two, RFL Jupiter, shown above, and RFL Tranquility, the last gown shown, are more like the medieval gowns we expect to see in high fantasy role play. You know, the kind of role play where we pretend to be fairies, and elves, and princesses.

Kouse Singh has put a more modern twist on some of her newer designs, like Madison, shown immediately above, and Selah, shown directly below. These more modern gowns can take you from the high fantasy sim to the modern ballroom with a mere change of accessories. If you’re a busy girl on the go, flitting from event to event, these gowns are just what you need.

All four gowns are Donation Items, which means that your purchase price goes to relay for Life/The American Cancer Society, so splurge a little and buy them all!

I have gowns in my inventory that date back to my noob days in SL, some things I never get rid of.

Like gowns form Kouse’s Sanctum. I have so many of them that it would probably take me a couple months to wear a different one each day. I keep them because they are beautiful. When I first started picking up beautiful gowns form Kouse’s Sanctum I never would have thought they could have been improved upon, but somehow Kouse Singh has managed to do exactly that. The textures are smooth, the fit is flawless, and the designs just keep getting better.

You can try the fashions at Kouse’s Sanctum for a minimal amount of money with two great deals. Tranquil, shown above, and Brianna, shown below.

I’m not one of those people who follows popular trends and fads, I have a certain style I like, and follow that pretty faithfully. In SL there are few designers who design to fit my style.. and fewer of those design quality goods.. so I have a pretty narrow field of shops to choose from. But that’s ok, because there’s something special to being different.

And speaking of different, take the time to pop into Bizarre Creations to check out the hairstyles there. You’ll find styles that are a little out of the norm. Styles that are perfect for your medieval princess, elven maiden, or temperamental sirena. Mystica Matova has been working on a little more conventional set of updos lately, like the ones shown here.

All these photos were taken at Lofty Aspirations in Junlong. As you can see, the scenery is awesome.

It’s been an interesting year so far.

A gallery exhibit (SL) was canceled because the gallery is closing its doors, Artis Gallery will be sorely missed. There are several good galleries in Second Life, but it’s always sad to lose one. and we’ve lost two excellent galleries in the past couple months.

Then my computer got the virus from hell. I hope the people who developed marezer get hit over the head by an infected computer.

But if things start out bad, they can only get better! That means the rest of 2011 is looking great!

I revisited Second Norway, a sim I’ve used for photos before, because it’s too big and too beautiful to see only once. When I was looking for a sim to relocate Lofty Aspirations to, this sim was in my top two list.

Look at the great hairstyle from Bizarre Creations. This was actually a New Year style, but it’s still a great party hairstyle… or wear it to a club and forget those high drink prices. Yes! That’s a bottle of bubbly on top, along with a champagne flute (in case you don’t like drinking your bubbly straight from the bottle). This hairstyle is not free, but the options are so much fun.. and totally worth the purchase price.

The dress in the picture above is Dress Rozenn, from Dany’s french Touch. shhh.. no one will know it only cost a single L$. This feminine dress has photo realistic textures, and I love the way the skirt flows when I walk.

The dresses at Kouse’s Sanctum just keep getting better and better! This beautiful gown, called Sophie, was a 10L$ preview of things to come in 2011. Elegant designs combined with seamless textures.. it doesn’t get much better than this!

But I’m sure Kouse Singh will find a way to make it happen.


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