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Despite internet issues, other hunts, DSN gifts, creating my own pieces.. and, well RL.. I’ve finally gotten around to looking for the wonderful Onyx Noir hunt prizes. I’m late on this, I know.

But, if you hadn’t heard already, Onyx has a sim-wide hunt going on until Sunday, 14 June. That gives you only a couple days to hunt for stuff. but it should be enough time to find some of the prizes I’ve shown below. There are even more great prizes to be found too!

Shown left to right:

  • Backless Peephole Skully Mini Dress from Mars Gelber Eclectic, dress only.
  • Summer Skulls Dress from GLD, dress only.
  • Just beachy, from Dilly Dolls. Shoes and outfit are separate finds. There is a third.. I just haven’t found it yet.

Onyx Noir:

Not part 9of the Onyx Noir hunt, but from the lucky chair at Dilly Dolls in their Onyx Noir location are these great jeans, which come in a veritable rainbow of fun colours.


The adorable over-size sweater is from the A.S.S. Midnight Mania board. This will be perfect for snuggling when falls comes ’round.

I like random stuff — especially if it’s good stuff.


Shown above is the Through the Looking Glass Hunt gift from Scruffy Gora. This outfit come with the boots as shown, and this incredible hair. I really love this hair.. so bedroom. The cuff, Dunes Armband, I’m wearing is from Leezu.  Leezu has some new free gifts in shop.. be sure to stop by and check them out.


The LOlita Rave dress shown on the left was a lucky chair win from Scruffy Gora. On the right is Jen Flexi set, one of the new free gifts available in Leezu.


Truth is having a Novocaine hair sale with hair on sale for 50LL$ each/300L$ for fatpacks. The style shown above, Antoinette, is a dollarbie.

The Make Him Over Hunt (Summer 2009) has started, and it’s so nice to see the guys out hunting for a change.

There are some nice stuff for us here too ladies.. hair, and clothes, and sky boxes, and poses.. and oh my!

There are a few fun things from the hunt shown above, and a few other goodies.

  • On the left is a hairstyle,  Fastball darkblaze, from Exile. The beautiful skin is from 42. There is a magnifying glass from the TTLG hunt there with some very nice goth skins.
  • In the center I’ve shown the MHOH gifts from INDI, Bliensen &MaiTai, and Bryce.
  • On the right I’ve shown a couple things not part of the MHOH. The cool top hat is from oddment. The flowers on the hat are little brains that pulse… too cool! The hair is a tinted style (Edo salt and pepper) from Bryce that was sent out to DSN (I think) subscribo members. The fabulous hoop earrings I’m wearing in all three pictures are the June gift to Dark Mouse subscribo members.

MHOH Items from Above:

From Left to Right:

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

Outfit 4

Close up of the necklace from Goth1c0

Shown above left to right:
Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3


Lemania has recoloured one of her best selling dresses, Diva Kitty, into ever popular black.. puuurfectly in time for the “Look What the Cat Brought” Hunt.  This dress includes kitty ears and a swishing tail.


The hunt starts tomorrow at noon, just look for the box that looks like a cat’s paw print. The hunt will run through 15 June.

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