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Today I’m taking a bit of a break on a lovely sim known simply as Tuneira’s West Farm on the Embay sim. This sim is slow, laid back, and very pretty.. just what I like. It’s what I grew up with, after all.

I’m always looking for nice sims to ride my horse, Tuneira’s farm was absolutely perfect this morning, and look,  there are other horses there!

There is a picnic table already set for a picnic, just bring yourself and a friend or two. Or maybe bring just one special friend, because the picnic bench is set with a cuddle pose.

You can take the time to thing about what’s important in life, or just appreciate the pretty things, like this gift from Eolande’s. The simple setting really sets of the stunning amethyst.

The clothes shown in this post are all from Hell Bop. The Ruby in cyan overalls and Nora top in green are a gift for today only. The top shown in the other pictures is part of the Eugene Set that was a gift a loong time ago. Eugene is still available in the shop.. but not for free.

Skin worn is from Tuli. This limited The Deck version of Sayuri is available this weekend only at The Deck (free) with a ton of other designer gifts. Expect horrendous lag and prim down accordingly.

Photographed on location at Tuneira’s West Farm.

I love my SL job; what could be better than teleporting round picking out the best low-cost fashions on the grid to show you?

Today I have a few random items from various shops. The items I’m showing you today are totally unrelated except that the fact that I like them.

Random Items in the first picture include the great blonde hairstyle from Exile. This was a find in the Zombie Popcorn Hunt. Visit Exile even if you’re not doing the hunt, because you’re sure to find something you like love.

The dress, with garter, is a lucky board win from Plastik. You have to join the Plastik group to take advantage of the lucky boards there, but if you love their clothes, skins, eyes, etc.. go ahead and join already!

Sown above are skins from Grim bros (left) and Flirt! (right). Grim Bros has a new series of Dress Up skins that have minimal detailing, except for the wonderful facial decorations. The one shown above is only a sample. You picked up one of these skins the other day in the MM at Grim Bros (I missed it). Other great designs are available for 100L$ each.

Hairstyle is a sneak peek from tiny Bird, if you were one of the Tiny Bird customers who filled out Autumn Hykova’s questionnaire, you got this lovely style as a thank you.

Dress on the left is a MM win from SD Wears, I love the Malice dress in this shimmery shade of black. On the right is the Eye of the Tiger cropped sweater from Plastik (lucky board score) paired with black and white camo Combat pants that were a MM prize  from Smexy Town.

The skin from Flirt! is a freebie, and there’s one for you too guys, shown below.

Shirt (Bennett, past subscribo gift) and Bermuda shorts (Craig, not free) are from Hell Bop (of course), and are great for guys or girls. Oh, and the great hairstyle on Shawk  was a prize from the Exile as part of the Zombie Popcorn Hunt.

I feel like I stepped right out of the pages of Anna Karenina in this gown from Lemania Indigo designs.

Go Away Little Girl is the Money Fever offer for today…1L$ is all set is going to cost you, and 50L$ is given one lucky person with every 100 sold. This is put out today at about 11 am SL time and will be taken down tomorrow at the same time.

The hat and fur wrap can be used to accessorize so many other outfits, that this ensemble is definitely worth every L$ you’ll spend on it. It comes complete with the hat, wrap, dress, and shoes.. so go ahead and splurge!

Some of the poses used above are from Diesel Works.

I love the full pajamas in the winter.. you know the kind with the little flap in the back. If they have feet attached, they’re even better.

Hawk picked up the Vintage Undies in the BoB Hunt. These are from Cheerno, and include the kiss tattoo on his bottom. At least I hope the kiss on his bottom is just a tattoo.

Shang is wearing the super cute Eugene long thermal underwear from Hell Bop. These aren’t free, however they will keep you very toasty on those cold winter nights.

The chaise is from Diesel Works. Rogan Diesel has added more colours to the chaise line. This chaise is an amazing prop if you like to take boudoir photos. It even has a photographer’s version, so that someone else can set your poses and take the pictures.. how cool! These colours are soft, pastel additions to the bolder colours that were released earlier.

Hawk and I have decided that we will make four posts for the Make Him Over Hunt. That’s enough to feature roughly half the hunt items, and four posts should give you a good idea of what is available in the hunt.

So.. here we go with post #2 of the Autumn 2009 Make Him Over Hunt.

Clothes from Hell Bop (MHOH), Sneakers form Hoorenbeek (MHOH), mouf fairy from Evie's Closet (Apple Bobbing)

Outfit #1:


Outfit #2:

Make Him Over Hunt, #2, outfit 3

Outfit #3:

Make Him Over Hunt, #2, outfit 4

Outfit #4:

Make Him Over Hunt, #2, Outfit 5

Outfit #5:

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