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And you don’t have to love May’s Soul to be Gorean. But you will love May’s Soul whether you’re Gorean or not.

Although May’s Soul caters to the Gorean community in Second Life, high fantasy role players will find lots to love at May’s Soul too. Fae, drow, neko, and princesses from ancient times will all find something to love here

Shown here are some lucky board wins from May’s Soul, and one SL Marketplace gift (bottom picture). Lucky Boards are changed out frequently at May’s Soul, and if you join the update group, you can get advance notice each time they’re updated. Give the boards a go, you’ll win some wonderful samples, but be warned: Once you try the clothes form May’s Soul, you’ll be tempted to drop some serious linden dollars here!

Outfits from May’s Soul are complete packages, and included all the little details: belts, chains, collars, and even prim feet are included in many packages. Everything seen in the pictures in this post is included except the skin, eyes, hairstyle, fireball hands, and shape.

While you;re at May’s Soul checking out the Lucky Boards, take a walk through the shops many departments, you’ll find a few surprises waiting for you there ~wink~.

Photographed on location at Lofty Aspirations, Junlong.
Poses by Diesel Works.
Hairstyles are from Wasabi Pills.

I stopped in a shop that is an old favourite, one that I hadn’t been in for a very long time. I love revisiting old favourites.

While I was there, I saw a poster on a wall for another shop called May’s Soul. I’ve never heard of May’s Soul, so I decided to pop over to take a look-see. Wow, am I glad I did. All I can say is, May must have a very beautiful soul, these Gorean styled clothes are gorgeous!

If I were Gorean, these are the clothes I would want to dress (or be dressed) in. They are saucy, and spicy.. a little naughty, while still maintaining a sense of innocence. Absolutely stunning!

In the shop, you can sample some of the products from May’s Soul by hitting up the Camp Chairs and the Lucky Boards. There is also a Midnight Mania that requires 200 hits.

If you’re familiar with the Gor books by John Norman, you know that Gor is a counter Earth on the other side of the sun. The people of Gor, though human, have a culture that involves the enslavement of men and women.

Female slaves are often kept for sexual purposes, and ownership is complete. Often what we see in Second Life is considered “Disney Gor” with ‘slaves’ traipsing around the grid in elaborate silks that are more befitting a Queen than a slave.

On Gor, some women don’t bend to slavery, but instead become what are know as Panthers. A Panther is a women who usually bands with other women in independence, refusing to submit to slavery. They often own slaves themselves, and the slaves can be either male or female.

May’s Soul is located in a Gorean mall (for lack of a better word), and you will find several shops, and a ton of bargains, if you look around. There are freebies, some dollarbies, and just awesome low prices on many items.

There is also a hunt going on there, and you’re looking for a scroll. The outfit above (which comes with shoes), is a hunt prize from May’s Soul.

There are always freebies available in the Ripped main store along with lucky chairs, and a midnight mania board. All for both men and women.

I was happy to see that the freebies in Ripped had been updated. There are some great items for men and women. If you’re looking for Gorean wear, slave clothes in general, or items for medieval or fantasy role play, Ripped is a great first stop!

At the Gorean Free Market there are TONS of free items to be found. Be aware that not everything there is free (and the free items are scattered about the area, you’ll have to look for them), be sure to check before you click to “buy” something.

I found these great items there. The dress on the left comes complete with ankle boots and face veil.

This was also a Gorean Free Market find. The boots included with this dress are great!

There are two camisks set to 0L$, you’ll have to figure out which ones, but the pictures below might be a hint.


Also, there are two lucky chairs, and  a midnight mania board with the new boudoir kirtle.  Shown below is the MM prize.


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