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I love flying.

Not in huge airline jets.. hate those!.. but in small two or four seat airplanes. There is nothing more exhilarating than piloting an airplane by yourself with nothing but you, the sky, and the ground below. To be a bird and feel the wind rippling through your feathers as you fly must be amazing, though I’m sure that birds take flight quite for granted.

Ruy Bury, of Creative Insanity,  has created a tiny little airplane for petites (and biggies) who were born without wings (there are a few of us!).. and for those petites (and biggies) who would like to experience the exhilaration of powered flight. This airplane comes complete with an AO, so that you can really feel like your part of the action.

The AO includes 22 animations, and includes a rideable mesh airplane in two sizes: petite and standard size. The airplane is copy mod so you can recolour it, and is unscripted so you can resize or adjust position in any way you like.

The AO hud will work for both petite avatars and normal sized avatars, just use the appropriate airplane size or resize one copy to your liking.

You can find Creative Insanity at Fantasy Faire 2012, and that brings some good news by the way: FANTASY FAIRE 2012 HAS BEEN EXTENDED FOR ONE DAY! The Faire’s last day will be Monday, not Sunday as previously reported. This means that you have an extra day to get over to Creative Insanity to pick up the great AO’s available there.

But it’s a good thing! Really!

Just when you thought you’d visited every last shop and bought all the stuff you wanted to buy, Fallen Gods, Inc and Yabusaka pull out the stops and spring one more “must have” on us.

From today through 29 April 2012, only at Fantasy Faire 2012, Fallen Gods, Inc and Yabusaka are offering male and female Translucent Doves. These petites are limited edition avatars, are available with a minimum donation of 1000L$, and will not be available in other occasions. All proceeds from the sale of these special petite avatars will be donated to Relay for Life.

The package includes two handy HUD’s for the Dove Petite avatar. One is for tinting the skin. The other includes several handy functions:
You can change the mouth to one of three options – closed, lips slightly parted, and teeth showing.
You can give the skin a metallic look.
A way to hide parts of the avatar – useful for some clothing pieces and other wearables.
Glow options.

Please note:
You need a capable mesh viewer to wear a petite.
This particular edition will not be eligible to updates, wears a no ear version head, and is copy only.
Don’t wait too long, these special petites will be gone in the blink of an eye!

You might have heard some of the buzz about petites lately.

Petites have opened up a whole new world of possibilities in Second Life. We’ve had tinies before, which were – and still are – lovely, but tinies are no where as small as petites.

There are new products coming out that are sized especially for petites, and you can find a lot of things for petites at Fantasy Faire 2012.

AZE Designs has two special things just for us petites: a crown and wand in gold, and in silver. The gold version is shown above, and the silver version is shown below. Crowns are just pretty, all fairies deserve crowns. Crowns are even pretty on boy fairies.. who are pretty enough without the crowns… but crowns are nice anyway.  And fairies need wands from protection against monsters like.. um.. frogs, lizards, and the occasional troll we run across. Wands are useful for jabbing them on the toe when they try to step on us, or jabbing them on the tongue when they try to eat us.

You can find AZE Designs at Fantasy Faire 2012, the Stargazer Lily Amethyst Crown & Wand Sets are Donation Items, so your purchase prices goes to help in the battle against cancer. Fairies like that too!

AZE Designs is sharing a shop with Paper Moon at Fantasy Faire 2012 (ooh.. sharing! Fairies like sharing too!). SLurls are provided below for your convenience.

There are only three more days till Fantasy Faire 2012winds down, packs up, and heads out of town until next year. If you haven’t been yet, I strongly urge you to go.

Hairstyle shown above is Teeloh, in Iceberg, from Wasabi Pills. It’s a new release, and comes with the shaved tattoo for an alternative look. This style is Mesh, and is available in Wasabi usual array of totally awesome colours. Pick it up in your favourite colour at Fantasy Faire 2012.

The skin and accessories shown above are from the Fairelands Saga Hunt that I blogged yesterday.

  • The skin is from Curious Kitties. It includes a full set of Azil skins, plus a mesh dress.
  • Prim Silks are from Rising Silks, and have been recoloured to coordinate with the Fae Lord Spring Crown from Southpaw.
  • Terymn Piercing is from ni.ju.

Shown below from the Fairelands Saga Hunt are:

  • Belted dress from Whatz, flower belt is included.
  • A Bit of Hope necklace, from Balderdash.


The Hawk Hairstyle, shown immediately above and below, is also a new release from Wasabi Pills. Hawk comes in two versions, both feature a look that is swept back form your face, with the second (Hawk2) having loose side ponytails that fall forward over your shoulders.

You can pick up these special colours of Hawk and Hawk2 at Fantasy Faire 2012. They are Donation Items, which means that your purchase prices goes to help in the battle against Cancer.

Review Policy:

Please do not send review
items until further notice.
I am currently inactive in SL.
Thank you for your support!
Love you!

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