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You will be quite happy to hear that the Fortune Teller is back on the job at Fallen Gods, Inc. Find your perfect match, and you can be the proud owner of a set of new skins: Depth.

These colourful skins are perfect for everyone, but they’re particularly wonderful for merfolk, fae, and beings from beyond the borders of out ionosphere.

The Depth skins come in a package with one male and one female skin. it will only be here until 16 September, so hurry up to try your hand at the Fortune Teller.. you never know who you’ll find a bond with.

The gown, Imperial Lotus, is from Eshi Otawara. This shimmering gown is a special thank you for putting Eshi Otawara’s shop in your picks. The hairstyle is an oldie-but-goodie from Bizarre Hair. I’ve blogged Devilish before, see this post for more pictures.

Poses are from the new series of poses, called Destiny, from Diesel Works.

Question: What do Zombie popcorn and Fallen Gods, Inc have in common?
Answer: A lot more than you think!

From 15 June through 30 June Fallen Gods will be rolling out a whole new Petite: The Undead Fey petite.

This morbid little cutie features an appropriately greenish tinted skin, and a Make-up HUD so that you can change your look. This isn’t just for the ladies, because guys, there’s an Undead Fey for you too!

Besides the make-up HUD, you get the usual three hand positions, the skin tint HUD, and two sets of eyes: Blood and Undead. If you want to see all the options included, see the Fallen Gods, Inc blog (link below).

Petite avatars, as well as most petite accessories and clothes, are mesh, so you will need a mesh enable viewer to use petite avatars and products. If you aren’t sure what mesh is, you probably don’t have a mesh enabled viewer, but just to be sure.. try a demo before purchase.

If you’re not mesh enabled, you’ll be happy to know that there is a full line of Rotten skins available for normal sized avatars. These are the biggie sized versions of the Undead Fey skins. leave it to Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods, Inc to think of everything so that no one feels left out.

But it’s a good thing! Really!

Just when you thought you’d visited every last shop and bought all the stuff you wanted to buy, Fallen Gods, Inc and Yabusaka pull out the stops and spring one more “must have” on us.

From today through 29 April 2012, only at Fantasy Faire 2012, Fallen Gods, Inc and Yabusaka are offering male and female Translucent Doves. These petites are limited edition avatars, are available with a minimum donation of 1000L$, and will not be available in other occasions. All proceeds from the sale of these special petite avatars will be donated to Relay for Life.

The package includes two handy HUD’s for the Dove Petite avatar. One is for tinting the skin. The other includes several handy functions:
You can change the mouth to one of three options – closed, lips slightly parted, and teeth showing.
You can give the skin a metallic look.
A way to hide parts of the avatar – useful for some clothing pieces and other wearables.
Glow options.

Please note:
You need a capable mesh viewer to wear a petite.
This particular edition will not be eligible to updates, wears a no ear version head, and is copy only.
Don’t wait too long, these special petites will be gone in the blink of an eye!

I made the unfortunate mistake of visiting The Tides at Fantasy Fair 2012 first. It spoiled the other sims for me.  It’s hard not to look at the craftsmanship that went into The Tides and wonder at just how much work went into building it. This place is beautiful. Not that the other sims aren’t lovely builds, but The Tides is truly elegant.

The Tides is sponsered by Fallen Gods, Inc.

Fallen Gods, Inc is well known for offering us the types of skins that simply can’t be found anywhere else. if you’re looking for an unusual, meticulously crafted skin try Fallen Gods, Inc first.. you’ll wind up there after a long search through other shops anyway.

For Fantasy Faire 2012, Fallen Gods, Inc designer, Alia Baroque, has turned his eye to the heavens. We’ve seen skins reflecting the elements, skins that take their beauty from the rocks of the earth, skins that allow us to imagine ourselves as dragons, wolves, and reptiles. And exquisite human.

This year, we take flight.

Feather is a new line of skins that successfully merges humans with birds.

There are three main colour varieties: Dove, Hawk, and Raven. Each colour variation has twelve different versions, and can be purchased separately. Three colour versions Dove Ghost, Dove Pale, and Dove Silver, are Relay for Life Donation Items. Purchase of these special colours means that you purchase price goes to Relay for Life to help in the battle against cancer. See the first Feathers picture for a sample, face detail immediately above.

The skins are shown with the optional PG cover.

The hairstyles shown in this post are from Wasabi Pills. The longer style is a new release ,called Teeloh, featuring a shaved look on half your head. This alternative style is unisex.. you gotta love it! I’ll be showing more Wasabi Pills items in another post, so stay tuned.

If you’re looking for some very cool avatar parts to wear with these skins, I suggest taking a look at the following products:
Humanoid Dravyn Legs
Nyxus Wings
Archon Wings (also available in white)
Accessories at Illusions (bird heads, wings, clothing)

Review Policy:

Please do not send review
items until further notice.
I am currently inactive in SL.
Thank you for your support!
Love you!

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