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You will be quite happy to hear that the Fortune Teller is back on the job at Fallen Gods, Inc. Find your perfect match, and you can be the proud owner of a set of new skins: Depth.

These colourful skins are perfect for everyone, but they’re particularly wonderful for merfolk, fae, and beings from beyond the borders of out ionosphere.

The Depth skins come in a package with one male and one female skin. it will only be here until 16 September, so hurry up to try your hand at the Fortune Teller.. you never know who you’ll find a bond with.

The gown, Imperial Lotus, is from Eshi Otawara. This shimmering gown is a special thank you for putting Eshi Otawara’s shop in your picks. The hairstyle is an oldie-but-goodie from Bizarre Hair. I’ve blogged Devilish before, see this post for more pictures.

Poses are from the new series of poses, called Destiny, from Diesel Works.

Four hours left to do this as of this writing.

Four prizes to be found.

Two Hairstyles.
One jacket.
One make-up in six delicious colours.

Four hidden scrolls that you can find by clicking on the Timeless Treasures Hunt Poster – it will give you a hint notecard. Trust me, you’ll need the hints.

And did I mention?
That make up.. it’s exclusive.

I knew this would catch up to me when I said in a previous post that I was going to do all the pictures of a week on the same sim.

I messaged Hawk this morning.

“argh.. I need to blog some DV8 clothes on the Second Norway sim. This ought to be interesting.” And yes, that last part was said with a slight note of humour.

“Don’t forget that you can always play with lighting.”

And so, taking top billing with the clothes I’m featuring in this post.. is lighting. Lighting an make or break a photo. it can make your features look softer.. or more severe. Lighting can completely change the atmosphere of a photo, and can turn a sweet picture into something with a sinister twist.

Now.. onto the great clothes from DV8, Eshi Otawara, and Bubblefish that I’ve chosen to feature in this post.

Having seen the movie Tron a week or so ago, I was thrilled to find these Legacy latex suits in the DV8 gifts room. A prim worn on the back throws reference to the Identity Disks from the movie. The Crimson version, shown below, is a current group gift.

Another group gift is the coldly beautiful Electric Cabaret, in Gunmetal. Perfect for sci-fi sims, or just hanging around the house, this dress will turn heads. The latex body suit hugs your curves, while the dress falls all the way to the floor, exposing your hips and thighs. Shown with kick-ass hair from The Stringer Mausoleum and skin from Ruin. The wonderful mask and lips are courtesy of a make-up layer from Lovely Mi, you can find this free sample at the Lovely Mi display in Eshi Otawara’s shop.

The ensemble below includes Snowflake Sparkles Underwear, from Eshi Otawara, andPink Lady Flower Boots, also from Eshi Otawara, which I’ve recoloured a bit for this picture. The hairstyle is from Boon, and lends a decidedly futuristic look.

Below is a midnight mania gift from Bubblefish. The Island waters swimsuit, in this ‘almost there’ shade of pink is revealing.. without revealing anything at all. I’m loving the neckline that plunges all the way to my navel here. A hairstyle from Boon, and thorny roses at my wrist, from Dark Eden complete this unusual version of the swimsuit look.

Poses shown in the pictures above are from Diesel Works.

I got a note card a few days ago (I’ve been so late with these posts lately!) about a new freebie at B@re Rose; new freebies at B@re Rose don’t happen very often, just often enough to keep things interesting.

The Free Chainmail, shown above, comes with a complete set for both men and women. As is usual for B@re Rose products, the textures are first rate, and no extra prims are needed.. system clothes are all that are used! What wonderful, low ARC outfits for the many Fairs and festivals coming up soon; you won’t have to worry about lag wearing these outfits!

Poking around the B@ra Rose freebie area turned up a bunch of stuff I hadn’t seen before, like the Beta Suit shown above with Boots from Tiger Claw.

I swear I’m not the person who planted that axe in the back of that zombie!

The Alpha Suit from B@re Rose looks great with these boots from Eshi Otawara. These cute little flowery boots were only 150L$, and come in a ton of different colour options.

Hair shown in this post is an old hunt gift from CriCri.

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