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I admit it: DV8 is one of the few groups that I stick with through thick and thin. The group is fun, helpful, and the group owners allow a fun chit chat.. even if it occasionally goes a little off-track from time-to-time. I’ve been in groups where the group owners and moderators have literally been harpies about idle group chat, the DV8 group is such a breath of fresh air.. I love it.

So, besides random chit-chat, what benefits do you get to being a DV8 groupie?

Well, you great to be the first to learn of new releases, hunt items, and special discounts.
You get fast, first-hand information on Midnight Mania numbers.
You get regular Lucky Chair calls.
You get all these great benefits in one great group, which means you don’t have to use several groups slots to get all the benefits.

In a word: Awesome!

Shown above are the Gloss Dollie dress in Sky and Gloss Doll Platform Janes in Sky. The dress and shoes are DV8 Group gifts (Remember to touch both group gift boards to get the shoes and dress). Don’t forget to check Midnight Mania Boards and Lucky Chairs for more great product samples at DV8.

Below is another DV8 Group gift, Wanton Wench, in Serpentine. The Gunmetal Gloss Doll Platform Janes were a Lucky Chair win.

And remember, if you love the style, but not the colour.. DV8 always has huge selection of colours available!

Poses are from Diesel Works.
Hairstyle is a new release from wasabi Pills, currently available at their Hair Fair location.

It’s a dark time for all living things.
All things, plant and animal, have adapted to the toxic environment.

Those that don’t adapt, die.

The Dark Future Hunt runs from 15 May through 15 June 2011.

The term ‘Dark future’ refers to apocalypse scenarios, but this theme is open to interpretation, and wow, did designers and shop owners run wild with the theme. This is a difficult hunt, the designers and shop owners have been verry creative in hiding the hunt object (shown immediately below).; sooo.. Take your time and look everywhere.

You’ll be glad you did when you’re rewarded with some of the cool prizes that include everything from skins, to clothes, full avatars, furniture, and landscaping pieces to be found in this hunt. These have been totally fun to accessorize and photograph.

Hurry and adapt.. or die trying.

There are many, many more wonderful gifts to be found than what I’ve shown here, 61 shops in all. To see which shops are participating, take a look at the hunt blog. A link is included below for your convenience.

Note:  I started writing this post the day the hunt started, but have had a family problem that I have had to deal with.  I apologise for the late post.. and for the brevity of the post.

Out of the Future clothes, unusual hairstyles, and awesome boots for three reasons. Throw in a few Lucky Boards, a Midnight Mania that almost always ‘makes’, Riot Vends that are unbelievably low, and outrageous group gifts.. and Y not DV8??

Two colour versions of the popular Kitteh boots are available for free for the savvy Second Life shopper.  Gunmetal and Black, shown above, was a Midnight Mania prize. Violaceous, shown below, is a pick-me-up for DV8 group members.

Join the group to get notices when the Midnight Mania, Lucky Chair, and Group Gifts change. Be advised though, this is a lively group, and chat notices about Lucky Chairs and Riot Vends go out frequently.

The Lust for Latex Stilettoes, shown below are editable. This means you can change the colour of the foot and toes through editing! No HUD needed!


These are prim-perfect stilettos that will go with many of your wardrobe items. And since DV8 colours run true though out the entire collection, these will match a lot of your DV8 products.

A Netherworld is participating in Woeful Wednesday again on the 9 March (today!). This week Lucky Lucy in green (to celebrate St. Patty’s Day)  available for only 50L.

Yes, you read that right.. 50L$!

You have a few more hours to pick Lucky Lucy up in this special colour.. hurry!

And while you’re rushing around grabbing awesome good clothes at rock bottom prices, stop by DV8 for the oh-so-cool Morrihgan Cross Mary Janes in green, a free gift for group members.

And in case you were wondering about the skin, it’s from Frick, of course. Frick is closing, and all items in the shop are currently discounted. Go and buy up all your favourites before they’re gone!

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