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“Hawk, would you help me unpack all this stuff?”

“lol.. no. You hunted it, you collected it.. YOU unpack it and find someplace to store it.”

If you’re an avid fashion hunter, freebie finder, or bargain fashion diva like I am, then you know how your inventory can just seem to .. explode! Pick up a hairstyle here, a pair of pants there, and a couple of shirts someplace else, and before you know it you’re at over 30K items in your inventory!

Fortunately, I have this handy dandy Skully-copter from Dilly Dolls (Gother Than Thou Hunt) to help me land safely when my inventory goes KaBOOM!

When I can look this good, why would I ever want to throw out any of these great finds?

I was totally amazed by “Alice In Wonderland” when I saw it opening day, it was a dizzying display of whimsical imagery.  I’ve been wanting to put together a “White Queen” look ever since I saw Anne Hathaway’s portrayal of the slightly ditsy White Queen.

Jun Dion, head diva and designer at B@re Rose saved me the trouble of trying to find a suitable dress. This beautiful interpretation is available at the RFL Clothing Fair (160L$), and in the B@re Rose main store.

The clothes at B@re Rose are always meticulously detailed. Look at the Mad Hatter outfit below. This version is for the girls, but there’s a version for guys too!

Helena Bonham Carter left an indelible impression as the Queen of Hearts. I have a feeling that all future actresses to play the Queen of Hearts will have to meet the high standard she set in her her quirky interpretation of the character.

This Queen of Hearts ensemble is from Dilly Dolls. Funny, I was looking all over the grid for a gown suitable for the Queen of Hearts when I remembered that Dilly Dolls had one. I teleported over, and found (to my delight!) that it has been reduced to only 20L$.  Happy Day Dance!

You can also pick up the Cheshire Cat outfit (there’s one for guys too!) for the same low price of 20L$.

The Cheshire Cat outfit includes a skirt, panties, socks, shirt, tail, and ears. Boots shown are from +DV8+, and a past hunt prize.

Next up is the girl herself: Alice.

I didn’t want to portray a traditional Alice, but a more updated one. This more modern dollie dress from The Doll House fills the bill perfectly. The Doll House always has a wide selection of quality dollie dresses at rock bottom prices, with most starting at 100L$.

Green is a flutter that comes in Spring

when frost melts out of everything.

Green is the world after the rain,

bathed and beautiful again.

Mary O’Neill

With St. Patricks Day being only a couple days away, today’s post is all about the colour Green.

Shown above is a recent find from the Cheshire Shamrock hunt. This wonderful green gown is from Blessed Clothing.

Panther in Emeralds, above, is a free gown from Paris Metro. You can wear this gown full, as shown, or mermaid style, both options are included.

This cute St. Patrick’s Day themed dollie dress from Dilly Dolls will keep you dancing (even if it is raining) with joy. It’s free until 17 March, so hurry over to pick it up if you haven’t already.

Ethereal and free is how I feel in this dress from Vita’s Boudoir. I feel as carefree as a shimmering ray of light. Skin and hair in this picture are from Curious Kitties.

Miz Jane

Some people you just never forget, and Psycho is one of those people. When she heard the name of the shop owner, she couldn’t believe her ears. Seems he’d gone from running a highly successful art gallery, le Maison, to dealing in arms. Well, not real arms of course, but weapons.

“Trading in weapons?” she’d asked incredulously when she heard, “Please tell me you’re not serious. Dear, dear Psycho. He always did manage to sniff out the most lucrative fields, and always his dealings had smidgen of a possibility of the smell of the black market about them.

Oh, not that Psycho ever knowingly dealt in the black market, more that he had a reputation for never asking pesky questions.

Miz Amelie

“She’s an odd one fer sure.” people would say after she passed, that and drawing a little circle about their ear to signal that Miz Amelie wasn’t quite right in the head.

With that crazy hairstyle, her wild-eyed look, and that weird cane she talked to all the time she was quite a colourful character. Miz Amelie would wander about the seedier side of town, staggering really, while singing old pirate shanties at the top of her lungs.

No one much bothered Miz Amelie, and the odd person that did occasionally bother her  would always receive a sharp rap on the top of their head just to remind them that Miz Amelie would rather be alone.

One reminder was usually all it took.

Miz Prudence

What a persnickety girl Miz Prudence was; everything had to be perfect in her world.

My the girl loved to shop! Miz Prudence was always looking for the next thing that all her friends would be jealous of; because Miz prudence was, if nothing else, a Trendsetter.

Of course, Miz Prudence loved to sniff out the newer shops, always eager to find the next great find. Well, one day, while scoping out a previously unexplored part of town, Miz Prudence wandered into a hope called “Body Parts” thinking it was a shop for high quality soaps and exclusive perfumes.

She quickly discovered that the owners/proprietor was quite literal in the naming of her quaint little shop.

All dresses are currently featured in the Steam punk Gridwide Hunt. This hunt ends 31 March, so you still have a good amount of time to hunt. There is no website for this hunt, so I recommend joining the in-world group for help and up-to-date information about the hunt.

Skins used in this post are from Dilly Dolls. All old skins are on sale for a limited time. You can find some great, unusual make-up styles for 10L$ each, or 35L$ for a pack of four.

Photographed on location in The Wastelands.

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