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Ameshin Yossarian, of Curious Kitties, has been designing top quality products for what seems like forever. When I first started Second Life, her Cyber Goth avatar was the one I chose as my starting avatar because it was just too cool. When I made enough Linden dollars to finally purchase my first set of clothes, it was a skirt and a shirt from Curious Kitties. I still have them, you can see the picture at the bottom of this post for a blast from my past. When Linden Labs ate my entire folder of shirts early in my Second Life.. every last shirt gone.. Ms. Yossarian was one of the designers who kindly replaced the shirt purchased from her shop.. Thank you!

Curious Kitties is branching out into full mesh avatars. There is a free sample, Kittenz Luth Avatar, in the Curious Kitties shop – you can find it near the Group Gifts Board. If you want to purchase it for 0L$ at the Curious Kitties SL Marketplace shop, you can find it here too. Links for both shops are located at the bottom of this post. The brown hairstyle is included with the avatar, the black style (shown above) can be purchased separately for 0L$ here.

Kittenz Complete Luth Outfit is also available for 0L$ here, because you might not want to walk around nakie.

I recommend visiting the main shop in world, because Curious Kitties always has super fun give-aways and games to win exclusive CK merchandise. This new avatar is approximately 1/2 the size of a normal avatar. Along with the free full avatar, you can pick up an extra hairstyle, and an extra pair of pants to get your Curious Kitties Unreal Fuzz collection started!

Yes, I’m still on about the Crazy Hair Hunt because everyone should be doing this hunt, and because there are a lot of hairstyles to show, 67 in all!

“Crazy Rose Fairy is a hairstyle perfect for fae.. or for anyone who likes pretty pale pink roses.  Petals covering your head to frame your pretty little face.. absolutely darling! Find it at {Bingo} during the Crazy Hair Hunt.

Yes, I know I have eyeballs erring out from under my hair. They’re my friends, everyone needs friends. grab your own ROOMATES hairstyle from Bliensen + MaiTai, and you can take your friends everywhere with you too.

Crackling lightning hitting a tree  sitting on top of yer noggin is one way to get noticed. Stormcrow, from Entropy Designs comes in two parts so you can wear the tree, or you can wear the lightning, or you can go all out and wear both.

Butterfly Effect, from Evie’s Closet, is a delightful scatter of flowers in your hair with butterflies flitting about. If you’re not crazy about the butterflies, you can leave them off.

How Does you garden grow?

If you have this hairstyle (How Does Your Garden Grow?) from ZsaZsa’s, it looks like it grows pretty well. Lots of green with a punch of hot pink flowers adding a stunning accent, there is everything to love about this garden!

Maneatingplant, from Curious Kitties, is shown below. This is not just a hairstyle, but full body hair. I knwo that sounds a little weird, but hey, this is the Crazy Hair Hunt after all! This hairstyel covers everything you don’t want anyone else to see.

The Official Crazy Hair Hunt Bloggers:

Just a couple of things this morning, like almost everyone else the past few days.. I’ve been super busy.

Not all of the clothes in this post necessarily have anything to do with Christmas, but some of them do. The common thread that holds this post together is that these are all clothes I’ve picked up recently, that I absolutely love.

A mix of recent shop gifts, holiday gifts, old dollarbies, and good design can be seen above, in what could be a scene right out of a fairy tale. The lovely Blue Bell dress, more fit for a spring day than the dead of winter, is an Apple Bobbing prize from Deviance. The shop has a new design.. and looks fantastic! Take the time to look around, the new layout makes it so much easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

The hairstyle shown in the picture above was a holiday gift from Maitreya, I love this style that is reminiscent of the 60’s. Skin is from SmashFace, and is no longer available.

Curious Kitties has a fun holiday game going on. There are some very cute prizes, including the Plaid Teddy Bear Avatar, show above. You can find out more at the Curious Kitties Blog, as well as see all the other great prizes you have the chance to win. I’m not sure how long this event lasts, so take the opportunity to try it out while you can.

The flowers shown in this post are all from Pocket Gardens. I love these little bursts of colour planted around my gallery. These are copy, so you can add as many as you like, because they are copy.  Some come with nicely done single and sweet couple poses too.. a very nice touch!

I love Curious Kitties.

It was one of the first retail shops I discovered in SL.  I think I had searched fantasy, maybe neko.. and it came up. Curious (of course) I popped over to check it out.. and loved what I saw there. I’ve been popping over ever since, and I still love it!

If you’re not a group member of Curious Kitties, you should be. It’s one of those groups I keep when other come and go. Now that I’m exhibit my art in SL, I need to fill my group spaces with gallery and sim groups to be able to hang art; but Curious Kitties is one of the few shop groups I try to keep through all the group switching I have to do in order to hang my work in galleries.

Anyhoo.. on to the good stuff.

A week or so ago I posted the totally awesome Tyrallen pants from Curious Kitties. They were a group gift, and I hope you picked them up, because the matching Tyrallen Shirt is now up as a group gift. This shirt.. is awesome! It also coordinates well with another gift in the shop, the nyanotech Nyather V2 hairstyle. This is one of the CK hairstyles that is colour change via HUD. You buy one HUD, and it’s good for all CK hairstyles using the same version HUD. Currently there are A hairstyles and B hairstyles, requiring either an A or B HUD. You can buy a HUD to fit your budget, from the full version that has something like a zillion hair colours, to the more modest versions that have three hair colour versions each.

I could go on and on about this shop, but instead of that.. here’s the link.
Check it out for yourself.

About the location:
This week’s location photo-shoot destination is Cheshire. This retail sim is heavy on the fantasy, and is based on an Alice in Wonderland theme.You’ll find lots of glowy, swirly pretty backdrops  for photo shoots in Cheshire.. and some pretty nifty shops too.

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