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Lestat Reuven makes lovely clothes that lean toward looks you might find in real life.I love the challenge of taking them and adding a slight twist to give these clothes my own unique “Shang” style.

Along with jeans and everyday wear tops you can find some stunning gowns.. and we know we’ll all need gowns for those parties coming up, ladies. The beautiful gown shown above, Holiday Satin, is a versatile gown you can wear any time of the year, but it looks especially pretty during the holidays when paired with jewelry from p/a. Get it for a limited time for the special price of only 100L$!

Make-up is by Lovely Mi Make-up
Hairstyle is by Raspberry Aristocrat.

I worked on a dairy farm when I was a teenager in exchange for horseback riding lessons, but I never wore anything like Milk Maid, shown above, while milking cows or hauling hay. This pretty dress takes it’s name from the lovely creamy colour, which flatters any skin tone, and is a wonderful contrast in hues when seen against a snowy backdrop.

Antlers from Prim & Pixel Paradise.
Mask from Illusions.

The innocent looking Shy, shown above, is suitable for a winter wedding. Shown here, with a whitish hair and skin, it takes on an ethereal quality.

Hairstyle by Maitreya.

So appropriate for an Alice-themed sim, this fun gown is called Chess. You’ll have no problem winning, when dressed in this low-cut gown, your opponents eyes will be on you make.. not on the board!

Hairstyle by Omega Point.
Skin from Kiko Life.

This confectionery delight is called Holiday Chocolate, a personal favourite. The lean lines and plunging neckline of this gown will make anyone look long and lithe. Heads will turn when you make your grand entrance wearing this sophisticated gown.

Hairstyle by Concrete Flowers.
Make-up from Lovely Mi Make-up.

Clothing featured in this post is from Siss Boom, with designs by Lestat Reuven.
Poses are from Diesel Works.

I’ve had this Purple Passion skirt from Sinners in my inventory for a while now. I like the delicate, greyed lilac colour, and I especially like it with the soft green of the Wezz Sweater from Modd G.

This is a skirt you can actually move in!

Dance like nobody's watching!

Accessories like the scarf from G Field (update group gift), the Simple Leggings in Plum from Concrete Flowers (1L$) , and SoHo Boots from Maitreya (update group gift)

Photographed at The Forest on Caerleon Isle.

Concrete Flowers has a cute slider puzzle game in the shop, back by the lucky chair.

The Puzzle

You get two minutes to solve the slider puzzle, and if you solve it in the allotted time, you get the too sweet I Scream boots.

I Scream boots from Concrete Flowers, Rainbow Socks form Miasnow

I scream,
You scream,
We all scream for ice cream

Now, while you’re at Concrete Flowers, don’t forget to pick up the Halloween hairstyle there, it comes in three colours for only 1L$.

Skully Sweater, from Kosh, Jeans Mini Skirt, from Kamikaze

Then hop next door for the dollarbie Halloween sweater from Kosh (shown above), you’ll find it in the back, right above the lucky chair.

Although I started the HTGT hunt early on, I took a break from it yesterday in favour of real life and the Avenue fashion show, but when I saw the cute style from Oni Productions I had to hurry over and find it.

Photograph taken at The Wastelands

This apocalyptic style is so cute, and perfect for an outing in The Wastelands. The outfit I’m wearing is from Kosh and Concrete Flowers, and set me back 3L$.

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