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“Pretty dress, Shang.. but what is that perched atop your head?”

“That’s my Booshie Lil Pet.”

“His name is BooBoo, and he’s quite a little show-off.”

Two wearable, collectible Lil’PetZ are now in Gatcha machines in Menchy’s Goods Galore in Booshtopia.  They are only 100L$ with a 5% chance of getting the two rare of the six varieties.  These are limited edition – enjoy while they last!

Felitera and Ibstomp Lil’PetZ are not part of the actual Booshies game and are collectible little animated pets you can wear.

Other details:

Photographed on location at Booshtopia.
Poses by Diesel Works.
Sylvie Hairstyle from Wasabi Pills.
Lucine Skin from Tuty’s.
Mystic Sky gown from Deviance.

If you haven’t heard about Booshies yet, you’re missing out on the next wave of cute breedable critters.

Take a trip to Booshtoia and walk around, you’re sure to see Booshies ambling peaceably amongst the strange vegetation there, this place is adorable!

Booshie creatures come in many shapes and sizes.. and, well, just take a peek at the web site. There is a lot more involved than can be explained in a a short blog post. They’re more than breedables, Booshies is like an MMORPG. I’ve included the link to the web site below for your convenience.

These wonderful plants (shown below) grow in Booshtopia where they are food for creatures called the Booshies. This nectubloom is the current group gift in Booshtopia. If you’re Booshies curious, i recommend checking out the Booshies web site and joining the in-world group to learn more.

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