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The No Strings Attached 4 Hunt started yesterday (01 May 20120), and runs through 31 May 2012.

You’ll find some wonderful gothic, dolly oriented goodies in this hunt from some of the best shops catering to the dolly crowd. Just look at some of the deliciously decadent dolly goodies below.

Nothing screams Dolly like pink and black. The Birdsong Dress,  from A Netherworld, features a corseted top, and enough ruffles to feed your dolly hunger for fluff. Worn with Dollskin from Nomine, and hairstyle from Wasabi Pills, you’re the perfect little doll.

Below is the Hunt gift from Brain Circuit. The Fae Priestess Dress comes complete with the wings and sandals as shown.

Hairstyle is a release from Wasabi Pills for the Culture Shock Event. Shiori is a mesh style that features two band segmented ponytails.. perfect for your dolly! The bands are colour-change via HUD.

From Blue Blood we have the silk-like Limited Edition Snowblood. This pretty dress features variegated shades of pink, purple, and pale blue with a splash of blood across the front and back.

The Flowered Wire Skirt, shown below comes with the mesh Red Corset. Pick them up at Filthy Things, the starting location for the No Strings Attached Hunt 4.

Skin shown in this post is from Nomine.
Hairstyles shown are from Wasabi Pills.

Taken on location at Mysterious Wave.

It’s a dark time for all living things.
All things, plant and animal, have adapted to the toxic environment.

Those that don’t adapt, die.

The Dark Future Hunt runs from 15 May through 15 June 2011.

The term ‘Dark future’ refers to apocalypse scenarios, but this theme is open to interpretation, and wow, did designers and shop owners run wild with the theme. This is a difficult hunt, the designers and shop owners have been verry creative in hiding the hunt object (shown immediately below).; sooo.. Take your time and look everywhere.

You’ll be glad you did when you’re rewarded with some of the cool prizes that include everything from skins, to clothes, full avatars, furniture, and landscaping pieces to be found in this hunt. These have been totally fun to accessorize and photograph.

Hurry and adapt.. or die trying.

There are many, many more wonderful gifts to be found than what I’ve shown here, 61 shops in all. To see which shops are participating, take a look at the hunt blog. A link is included below for your convenience.

Note:  I started writing this post the day the hunt started, but have had a family problem that I have had to deal with.  I apologise for the late post.. and for the brevity of the post.

Blue Blood is known for wonderful dolly clothes that are downright adorable. The textures of the clothes found at Blue Blood are wonderfully hand drawn, and are absolutely dreamy to look at.

But just because they are so darned kawaii, doesn’t mean they can’t be taken down a darker path.

A dark tattoo layer from Fallen Gods, a find in a hunt that’s recently ended (sorry), lends a darker note to the very pretty Freya dress, shown in greyscale here. I’ve used this tattoo layer in all the pictures for this post, and have chosen to go bald to show off this tattoo layer at its best.

Call, shown above in red, is a gatcha prize. there are several gathchas at Blue Blood. Spend 15L$, take a chance, and get a prize in one of a half dozen lovely colours. A BIG thank you to Rethma Farspire for passing some of her extra gatcha prizes my way. Yes! They are transfer, so you can share with your friends.

Nara, shown above in white, is another sweet gatcha prize from Blue Blood. Nara is designed so that you can wear it with or without the “dress” that drapes gracefully over one shoulder. need something to wear to a toga party, or to a toga event at a club? Nara fits the bill perfectly. Wings shown with Nara are from Material Squirrel.

If you’re looking for lingerie that doesn’t make you look like you’re ready to jump into a sexbed with every noob on the grid, check the current offer from the Blue Blood MM board. This prize comes in a full range of colours.. five in all.

About the location:

Not to Forget is a solemn art installation that explores man’s grim past and a grey future. it’s thought provoking, dark, and gives us pause to stop and consider how our past interweaves with our future.. if we don’t remember our past’s lessons.

Plan a visit today, you don’t want to miss this installation.

Here are some more prizes form the Gother Than Thou Hunt.

You did get in the group last week I hope, because the Gother Than Thou Hunt is proving to be one of the better hunts the grid has seen in the couple years I’ve been here. Even if you didn’t get to join The Thrifty Goth group before the cut-off date, hop around to some of the hunt shops listed in The Thrifty Goth blog. Many of these shops also have MM, lucky chairs, gifts, etc.. you you can still have some fun freebie shopping.

I’ve discovered some great new-to-me shops, some with great neighboring shops on the same sim, some new-to-me gothic galleries with original artwork. It’s good to see so many other retailers displaying their real life artwork in their Second Life retail shops.

This soft pale skin is from The Thrifty Goth group members, the posture collar is the Gother Than Thou Hunt prize from Favole, it comes with a hat that I haven’t shown here. This posture collar goes so well with so many of the Hunt gifts, you’ll see me wearing it a lot.

These cute outfits areTill Death Do Us Part, from PinkMares House (on the left), and Amelia, from Blue Blood (on the right). I love that most of these clothes are mix-and-match. Boots shown above are from GField, and are not included in the hunt.

The hairstyle is from Crimson + Clover, a great, gory skin is included in the gift box, but I haven’t shown it.

The Loss, from SMOTD, it a true Gothic gown. I can picture some young heroine wearing exactly this gown in a gothic mystery. You can see that posture collar from Favole again.. see?.. it goes great with pretty much everything.

Just remember, you won’t be able to get the Hunt prizes if you aren’t wearing a The Thrifty Goth group tag.

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