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And I’ll be putting down some roots, with help from Bizarre Hair.
Roots hairstyle from Bizarre Hair.  Fully colour change, comes with base in tattoo layer (not shown).
Shaved tattoo layer shown is form Wasabi Pills.
Love Doesn’t Grow on Trees jewellery is from Finesmith.

Please.. say it isn’t so!

It is true, Elvenbreath is closing, and if you try to teleport to the old shop location, you’ll find the land for sale. But, if you head on over to the new location in Shadowholt, you’ll find many styles from 20% off to 50% off. If, like me, you love Elvenbreath styles but find them a little too pricey for your budget, this is a great time to pick up some great deals.

Elvenbreath also has an area of 50L$ deals. You can find older outfits  and jewellery here, so remember to check this area. Be warned: You might be tempted to spend your last linden dollar here, because there are some gorgeous clothes at rock bottom prices.

By the way, you can breath a sigh of relief, because even though Elvenbreath is closing, it’s only for  a week or so. After that, Seline Forder will re-open Elvenbreath with a hunt and lots of new items! Target date for the re-opening is 27 September 2012. Join the Elvenbreath group now, because you don’t want to miss out!

Hairstyle shown is from Bizarre Hair. Sensi is a decorated updo, and though it comes with long bangs parted in the center, I’ve shown it here with the shorter bangs from the Glamour hairstyle, also from Bizarre Hair. I love that I can mix and match Bizarre Hair styles to get just the look I want.

You will be quite happy to hear that the Fortune Teller is back on the job at Fallen Gods, Inc. Find your perfect match, and you can be the proud owner of a set of new skins: Depth.

These colourful skins are perfect for everyone, but they’re particularly wonderful for merfolk, fae, and beings from beyond the borders of out ionosphere.

The Depth skins come in a package with one male and one female skin. it will only be here until 16 September, so hurry up to try your hand at the Fortune Teller.. you never know who you’ll find a bond with.

The gown, Imperial Lotus, is from Eshi Otawara. This shimmering gown is a special thank you for putting Eshi Otawara’s shop in your picks. The hairstyle is an oldie-but-goodie from Bizarre Hair. I’ve blogged Devilish before, see this post for more pictures.

Poses are from the new series of poses, called Destiny, from Diesel Works.

Today I have the pleasure of blogging two of the awesome shops that share the Junlong sim with me: Bizarre Hair and MayloDesigns.

If you see some of the same elements used in Bizarre hairstyles and MayloDesigns jewelery, it’s because the two designers, Mystica Matova and Maylo Dagastino, occasionally collaborate on their pieces.

Shown above is the hairstyle Flower Power, from Bizarre Hair, and the name of the jewellery pieces shown (above and below) is HippyNess, from MayloDesigns. They coordinate beautifully, but don’t think you have to wear these together all the time. The hairstyle, and the jewellery can stand alone, able to accent your outfits the way you want. The hatted hairstyle is so 60’s you’ll want to don your widest elephant leg bell bottoms, and a midriff baring top. To pull the look together, don’t forget the Lennon glasses and a long velvet midi coat.

Shown above is HippyNess. Yep, both the hairstyle and the jewellery have the same name, sort of cool, huh? This retro look can take you from daisy-picking with friends, to the ballroom. The necklace features a graceful drop in the back that is similar to the drop in the front, very pretty!

QT, shown above, is from Bizarre hair, and is exactly that! Wear this fun style with denims, a bikini, or a maxi skirt. Your hair will stay put.. well most of it anyway.. so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best – having fun!

I’ve shown the tiara form CleO, below,  with the CoCoon hairstyle from Bizarre Hair in a previous post.  If you click that little linky, you’ll notice that the tiara is a different colour, that’s because these pieces are modifiable. I love mod pieces, because I can recolour them the way I want them to be recoloured. That means that if I need silver jewellery for my mermaid, I can have silver jewellery. Isn’t that awesome?

The CleO pieces are elegant. You’ll feel, and look, like a princess when you wear them.

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