Please note that this blog is not longer being updated and, sadly, Loco Pocos Island is no more.

LocoPocos represented the innocent fun of Second Life. You could dress up as a tiny, and act perfectly silly. It was like wearing a costume in real life: Some how we were transformed, and though we had a name tag hovering over your head you felt perfectly at ease walking up to someone and saying, “Guess who?” They would know of course, and we would always ask in a shocked tone, “How did you guess?”

Second Life, to me at least, is about being able to be creative, explore, have fun, and meet new people. One of the most unique sims, with some really nice people, is Loco Pocos.. yeah, I’ve blogged it before, but this is one of those sims that really needs a more in depth look.

To really have fun at Loco Pocos, you really need to be a tiny. Fortunately, there is a free demo available. Being a tiny really allows you to explore a different side of your personality. Even in the metaverse, where we’re all pretty much anonymous, somehow donning a persona like a tiny makes us feel even more anonymous — even though we have our avatar names following us around.

Hanging out at Loco Pocos with some of my coolest friends!

Above, from left to right are Zarah, me, and Dave. My entire look was free! The tiny avatar, the shoes — everything. Zarah is wearing the snowman avatar that was the prize for completing the Loco Pocos Christmas Treasure Hunt (still going on.. but hurry!). Dave is wearing a customised, very coordinated look. I’m so jealous.

Loco Pocos is an interesting sim in that there are a lot of hidden areas to explore. I’m not going to tell you how to get to the secret areas.. you have to ‘splore to find that out, but I will wet your appetite.

Waiting for Santa never tasted so good!

Tiny’s need a home, and the cozier, the better. Luckily, Loco Pocos has a place away from the crowd that fits the bill.

But not all is good-will and cozy cheerfulness.. beware the pirate tinys! They can be as ruthless as they are cute! I don’t know if you can tell here, but I managed to make off with a bit of their booty, it’s in the sack I’m wearing on my back.. see the pretty sparkles? Go me!

Hi ho, hi ho, a pirates life for me!

The pirate hat was a prize for solving a very difficult puzzle that required keen eyesight and sharp intellect. Most areas have special puzzles, take the time to do them — they’re fun and you can win some way cool prizes to pretty up your tiny.