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 Mer-friendly Sims:

The Arts

Ars Simulacra is an art sim that features wonderful builds that will dazzle your eyes, and boggle your imagination. Builds change out on a fairly regular basis.

Artropolis is a wonderful sim that is currently run by Filthy Fluno.  See the real life work of several artists, roam the crooks and crannies of the island, enjoy the music events.

Join the group to get the most up-to-date information on Artroplis events.

Cresent Museum is the oldest art museum in SL, and still wonderful!

LEA is HUGE! It’s a series of sims that artists can apply to use for a limited length of time to set up exhibits. These exhibits tend to be full art installations rather than a gallery type exhibit of 2D works. Often two or more artist collaborate in building an installation. There are instructions at LEA for artists who want to apply for a sim. Worth a look, be prepared to spend a lot of time exploring LEA.

University of Western Australia holds frequent build competitions.  Join an art group to find out when the next competition is going to be, or when it opens to voting.

JunkYard Blues

A north Gulf Coast style outdoor blues club. JunkYard Blues covers ten sims, surrounded by water. These sims give the visitor a taste of  the Gulf states, particularly southern Louisiana and the northwest Florida coast. When I want to get down and dance the night away, this is where I go.