It’s been ages since I’ve been to Umi Usagi. The lucky boards there used to be the best, and I’ve missed the quirky clothes there.

The good news is that Umi Usagi is still in world, and still has fun, high quality clothing. And more good news, the lucky boards are still there!

Candy Dress is a Lucky Board score from Uni Usagi.

Candy Dress from Umi Usagi. Maya hairstyle is from Wasabi Pills.

Umi Usaki is has a new location in Nagasaki, though die hard fans are already aware of this fact, and on the sim right next door is a beautiful Japanese sim, Kyoto. I played tourist for a couple of hours, modeling some Umi Usaki lucky board items and photographing this lovely sim.

Umi Usagi lapine l'uniforme is paired with Kumi Pony from Wasabi Pills.

Lapine l’uniforme, from Umi Usagi with Kumi Pony from Wasabi Pills.

Interpretative signage is included on the Kyoto sim in English and Japanese, and you’ll definitely want to take the time to read it and learn a little Japanese history. There is so much to see here: The beautiful replica architecture, the landscaping, and wildlife combine to make a delightful visit.

Lapin Bleu, from Umi Usuagi.

Lapin Bleu includes a shawl with a pretty flower detail. Chloe hairstyle is from Wasabi Pills.


Photo One:
Candy Dress from -+-Rabbit*Kiss-+- (Umi Usagi)
Maya hairstyle in powder from /Wasabi Pills/
Tyla 07 Skin from .:Glamorize:.
Friday Eyes – Opal from /Wasabi Pills/
Pose from Diesel Works

Photo Two:
Lapine l’uniforme from -+-Rabbit*Kiss-+- (Umi Usagi)
Kumi Pony hairstyle in powder from /Wasabi Pills/
Tyla 07 Skin from .:Glamorize:.
Friday Eyes – Opal from /Wasabi Pills/
Pose from Diesel Works

Photo Three:
Lapine Bleu from -+-Rabbit*Kiss-+- (Umi Usagi)
Chloe hairstyle in powder from /Wasabi Pills/
Tyla 07 Skin from .:Glamorize:.
Friday Eyes – Opal from /Wasabi Pills/
Pose from Diesel Works

The Pulse games have become enormously popular in Second Life, and for good reason.

They are quirky.
They are challenging.
And they are lots of fun!

Start your journey at the Shield Industries front office.

Start your journey at the Shield Technologies front office.

This year’s game is System Failure, and it’s no exception. As usual, everything starts out normal enough.. but goes downhill in a bad way very, very quickly.
Go with friends, but don’t be afraid to leave them behind when the going gets rough, after all, we all need to make sacrifices from time to time.

Got to more information.

Got to more information.

Your interview begins here:

Yes there are prizes.
My inventory jumped by over 600 items over the course of the game.
Yes it’s gory.
It ends 17 November.
I’ve learned to wait until the fervor dies down before I jump into a Pulse game.
Lag is minimal at this time.
Yes, it’s frustrating at times.
Yes, you will have fun!

art sim_1

Do you ever feel like you spend all your time going around in circles?

I want to come back as a mermaid.

To Moving Islands, I mean.

art sim_2

Shang is not amused.

There’s a lot happening at water level, and most (all perhaps?) is interactive. But head below the water, not that you’ll have much of a choice.. the damned life saving devices don’t do as you would expect them to do. Nothing here does really.

art sim 3

argh matey… you can pilot yer own craft!

Moving Islands, Your Artists

Moving Islands, Your Artists

Jane! How do I stop this crazy thing!?

Jane! How do I stop this crazy thing!?

Review Policy:

Please do not send review
items until further notice.
I am currently inactive in SL.
Thank you for your support!
Love you!

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25 For 25 Hunt: LAVAN, by  Finesmith




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