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Scarab, from Fallen Gods, Inc

Scarab, from Fallen Gods, Inc

On occasion of the 6th Anniversary of Fallen Gods Inc., the Fortune Teller is back bringing you more colorful bugs.

Six years? Has it been six years already?
Now stop counting on fingers and toes, and go get yourself some pretty bugs.
Good Luck!

Skin, kneed pads, elbow pads, bracelets, and draped silk are from Fallen Gods, Inc. Male version also available. Eyes are included, but not shown here.
Deep Blue animated eyes from [M&K], not yet available, watch for release soon!
Stella hairstyle in Royal, from Wasabi Pills.
Bra and Panties are from Blacklace.
JV Art Collectors Corset is from Death row Designs.
Destiny Pose from Diesel Works.

Mermaids and fairies aren’t all I play as in Second Life.
I do like to venture outside our cozy little solar system on occasion.

Space Girl to the Rescue!

Space Girl to the Rescue!

The Dirty Details:
Space Suit: B@re Rose
Hairstyle: Teelo, from Wasabi Pills
Skin: Daphne Skin Linene, from Kleinechwein
Pose: Alagan series (male poses), from Diesel Works
Photographed on location at Bladerunner City.


I am NOT posting the full Twisted Hunt. If you have come here for hints, multiple prize listings, or a list of shops for the Twisted Hunt September 2012, you’re in the wrong place. I’m sure the prizes are awesome, they always are.. but the Twisted Hunt is one booger of a hunt. It’s a challenge for sure – and I’m not up for it. I’m not dissing it, I’m just not up for the entire hunt. Are the prizes worth the work? Absolutely!

With that out of the way.. I’m about to show you a prize from the Twisted Hunt September 2012.

Many of the groups and news groups I am in participate in the Twisted Hunt, and I’m in these groups for a reason: I love their products. So when, say, Likka House sends out a group message saying, “Hey.. we’re in the Twisted Hunt”, my ‘Good Stuff to be Found for Free’ radar goes haywire.

The ensemble above is D-arch Angel. The main Twisted Hunt prize includes the unisex wings and outfit, though they’re billed as male and female gifts. The main prize is super easy to find.

The cape and sword are a different story, and are the prizes for the mini-hunt.

To do the mini-hunt, walk out of Likka’s House and turn right. Go to the end and pick up a HUD from the kiosk. Wear the HUD and go down into the RMK dungeons. You need to find ten cubes to fill the HUD. This is not easy, and I had to de-render damn near the entire place to find them.

Alrescha, in Baby, is shown above. This sweet group gift was given out in August, and I’m just now posting it. Although this is no longer available, join the group so that you don’t miss out in the future. You can still get Alrescha in Black and Pinky at the Likka House main Shop.

QQ has been around the grid a long time. and for good reason!

QQ offers quality fashions for men and women. These aren’t faddish clothes that will be out of fashion in a week, these are styles that have stood the test of time; with a few changes in accessories and hairstyles, you can wear these styles over and over again.

Daphne Skin Linen – Kleineschwein
Casey Spectacles Gold – Hatpins
Sylvie Mesh Hair (NEW!) – Tangerine – Wasabi Pills
Aveelo Stilettos Herringbone – SLink

Though QQ fashions are traditional in style, you can take them full tilt fantasy with the right accessories. Add horns form Rue, a wonderful drow skin from Mynerva, and hairstyle from Wasabi Pills, and step back into high fantasy. Grab that same gown, add a more conventional skin an an updo.. and you’re ready for a night on the town. Versatile? You bet!

Drow Blue Lips Skin – Mynerva
Neo Caesius Eyes – Lover – The Plastik
Monique Mesh Hair – Iceberg – Wasabi Pills
Horned S.E. Sugar Skull Shaman – Black – House of Ruin (Has been re-branded as Rue)

So that you can judge the quality of QQ products for yourself, QQ owner and designer, Quennye Quinnell, has a few free samples for you.

You can pick up two free samples in her main shop (one for men, one for women), and three free sample sat her SL Marketplace shop (all for women).  Three of the QQ gifts are shown above, visit QQ to pick them up for yourself!

LoQ Hair –  Tiramisu – Pale Blonde
Clawtooth Fancy Pants Hair Flower
DV – Camarilla Collection – Nicolette Skin – Smashface (No longer available)
Neo Caesius Eyes – Sky – The Plastik
Sleeping Beauty Necklace and Earrings – Sian Birke Jewelry

Photographed on location at TK’s Park Area for Relaxing.
Poses by Diesel Works.

Review Policy:

Please do not send review
items until further notice.
I am currently inactive in SL.
Thank you for your support!
Love you!

Shangreloo on Flickr

25 For 25 Hunt: LAVAN, by  Finesmith




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