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25for 25 Hunt items. Jailbird sweater from Somnia, and Candy Tan skin from WOW Skins.

25for 25 Hunt items. Jailbird sweater from Somnia, and Candy Tan skin from WOW Skins.

Official 25 For 25 Hunt Blog:

The mesh sweater from Somnia comes in three colour combinations: Ice/Black, White/Black, Rose/Black, and Rose/White. Each colour includes all sizes: L, M, S, XS, and XXS.

The gift from from WoW Skins includes the Candy Tan skin as shown, and a shape. I’ve shown the skin on Shang’s normal shape.
WoW Skins:

Hairstyle: Discord Designs – Codie (Flagrant System Error)
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Candy Tan
Eyes: Sterling Artistry_FantasticalEyes_Enspirited
Facial Piercings: Lake – Sweet Studs facial piercing – silver
Sweater: .: Somnia :. Jailbird {Rose/Black}
Skirt: :::Sn@tch Catalina Skirt (Sand)::: (System Failure Prize)
Pose: Diesel Works: Dante collection

25 for 25 Hunt Signage

25 for 25 Hunt Signage

Here’s the deal:

The 25-for-25 Hunt runs from December 5th through December 30th. There are 25 shops in this hunt offering 25L$ items for 25 days. All you have to do is find them.

By Second Life standards, this is a very small hunt. The shops are top of the line, the prizes divine, and you won’t have to spend a zillion hours on this hunt. One a day for 25 days, and you’re done. Sweet!

Official 25 For 25 Hunt Blog:

So.. what can 25L$ get you? Well…
Let’s start with some Finesmith Jewellery:

25hunt Finesmith

25 For 25 Hunt: LAVAN Collar and Earmuff from Finesmith, Bracelet included, but not shown.

And I’ll show you some more tomorrow.

Skin: [MyDear]Hygeia Skin- Pale 6
Lipstick:  [MyDear]Hygeia Lipstick 26
Hairstyle:  /Wasabi Pills/ Sally Mesh Hair – Seafoam
Eyes:  Sterling Artistry_FantasticalEyes_Enspirited
Jewellery:  LAVAN set from Finesmith

One of the biggest hunts in Second Life is the Peace on Earth Hunt. This hunt is H.U.G.E!

I’m not going to even try to blog all the items from the hunt, there are other bloggers who do that, and there are blogs that have several bloggers writing for them so that they have the time to blog a couple hundred or so hunt items. My real life doesn’t give me the time for that, or even for going out to find half the items in the POE Hunt. So.. information about the hunt.. here it goes:

Peace On Earth 2013

POE Hunt 2013 Photo by Julie Hastings

Peace on Earth 2013
Starting Point:

For help, join the Peace on Earth Discussion Group in Second Life.

And remember, this is supposed to be fun. This hunt has 207 shops in it, that’s a LOT of hunting.
Stop and take a break when you get tired or frustrated.
Make a POE folder in your inventory to put hunt prizes in. To save time and frustration later, sort as you go.
Delete what you don’t want, keep what you love.
Love a gift? Tell the designer!
Hate a gift? Delete it and forget it. Everyone’s taste is different and it’s inevitable that not all gifts will appeal to all hunters.

After much thinking and planning by their friends, it was decided that the Petites must have a place of their own in our world.

A portal was created above the lake linking our worlds together. Five islands made the journey from the Petites’ world to ours before the magic that powers the portal ran out. It was meant to be recharged with the magic crystals gathering from the caverns of the Crystal Mine. Unfortunately the airship that came to pick up the supply of crystals and transport them to the portal was hit by a stray wind current that flipped it upside down spilling the magic crystals all over the Petites Kingdom.

We need you to come and help us gather up the missing magic crystals so we can refuel the portal and bring the rest of the petite islands into our world. The Petites, always a very hospitable race of creatures believe highly that work and play should go hand in hand so wish to make the task of gathering the lost crystals an enjoyable one.

You are cordially invited to come and discover the new Petite Kingdom on Saturday, September 29. Come and help us retrieve the missing crystals and stay to help us celebrate the Petites new home with music, dancing and possible surprises! The hunt will start at noon SLT with celebrations starting at 3pm SLT and going until 9pm SLT. Big or small all are welcome!

Review Policy:

Please do not send review
items until further notice.
I am currently inactive in SL.
Thank you for your support!
Love you!

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25 For 25 Hunt: LAVAN, by  Finesmith




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