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Do you ever feel like you spend all your time going around in circles?

I want to come back as a mermaid.

To Moving Islands, I mean.

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Shang is not amused.

There’s a lot happening at water level, and most (all perhaps?) is interactive. But head below the water, not that you’ll have much of a choice.. the damned life saving devices don’t do as you would expect them to do. Nothing here does really.

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argh matey… you can pilot yer own craft!

Moving Islands, Your Artists

Moving Islands, Your Artists

Jane! How do I stop this crazy thing!?

Jane! How do I stop this crazy thing!?

Second Life has offered me the opportunity to explore personae and places that, frankly, would be impossible in real life. From mermaid, to intrepid space traveler, to tourist at exotic ports of call across the grid.. I’ve had the opportunity to visit recreations of the greatest cities of our time, and of times past and future, to locations that could only exist in the mind of an artist.

I am an artist in real life. I take things that other people have discarded; dissect them, then put them together in new ways, and then I paint them. I end up with something that is unique in this world.

In this world I can go even further: I can re-invent myself using shapes, skins, hairstyles, eye colours, body parts.. and put it all together in a way that is uniquely me. I hope you enjoy this exhibit, which is partly retrospective: some of these pieces have never been shown in SL before.

Shangreloo Kuhn, protected under Creative Commons, 2013.

Shangreloo Kuhn

Capos Calderwood aka Alex Whitmore is fast becoming one of the most sought after performers in Second Life of the singer/songwriter genre.  He brings to each performance a new set list that is always fresh and you don’t have to listen to the same songs every time.  With a couple of exceptions, the songs are entirely his own compositions and range from up tempo humorous twangy look at life to heartfelt ballads that bring your emotions out.  Capos will also wow you with his unique finger stylings on the guitar.  All in all, you will leave his performances wanting to hear more.   For  more info please visit

Capos Calderwood

Capos Calderwood

We have the honor of having Shangreloo Kuhn show us her fantasy art collection. This artist will be here from April 1 through April 30th of 2013.
The party will be on April 1 starting at 6PM SLT to 8 PM SLT, with Capos Calderwood  performing for part of that time.

Emmalena Damour’s Gallery:

Mermaids and fairies aren’t all I play as in Second Life.
I do like to venture outside our cozy little solar system on occasion.

Space Girl to the Rescue!

Space Girl to the Rescue!

The Dirty Details:
Space Suit: B@re Rose
Hairstyle: Teelo, from Wasabi Pills
Skin: Daphne Skin Linene, from Kleinechwein
Pose: Alagan series (male poses), from Diesel Works
Photographed on location at Bladerunner City.


Danger Below! An in world photo by Shangreloo Kuhn

Danger Below! An in world photo by Shangreloo Kuhn

Love the look?
Hairstyle: Manes/TheHungryDeep (w/noms): Fathom, from .{Rue}.
Skin and Mermaid Tail Parts:   Melusine, from Nomine
Weapon:  Naginata, from the Koi full avatar by Tekeli-Li
Mer Fishnet Top: bra with shells and kelp (fishing net), from Mermaid Reef
Pet Fish: from the Koi full avatar by Tekeli-Li
Tentacles: By Shangreloo Kuhn using sculpts from Jabberwocky

Note: The mermaid skin, eyes, and tail parts are part of a full mermaid avatar from Nomine. Other colours are available.

Review Policy:

Please do not send review
items until further notice.
I am currently inactive in SL.
Thank you for your support!
Love you!

Shangreloo on Flickr

25 For 25 Hunt: LAVAN, by  Finesmith




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