Fantasy Faire 2013: The Plastik

Fantasy Faire 2013: The Plastik

The Plastik is among the olde guard of fantasy shops in Second Life, and owner/designer Aikea Rieko (Who also designs awesome everyday wear!) has dreamed up this sweet Drazira skin as her Relay for Life donation item.
But not just one, mind you, no no no.. in all there are TEN skins for you to choose from! With the options, which include tattoos, eye styles, ears (squeee!), and add-on Demon fades, the possibilities for these skins are almost endless. Got a mer avatar? Then you need a Drazira skin!

The Vandariel Armor is a combination of mesh and sculpt, making it partially modifiable to fit your unique avatar. The top is mesh, and comes in four sizes so fitting it properly is never a problem.

The Palstik.

Close up of Drazira Skin, from The Plastik.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the Plastik also has a couple of mermaid skins for you. These skins feature scales, because mer-girls and mer-guys need scales.. at least I think they need scales. Shown is Arkasia {Mola}://Scales, from The Plastik. I’ve shown it with spots layer tattoo, which is included along with a couple dozen other tattoo layers.

:[P]:-Arkasia {Mola}://Scales

Arkasia Mola variation, from The Plastik


Top photo was taken on location at Bentham Manor.

The Plastik  is located at E on the Evensong Woods sim at Fantasy Faire 2013.

Evensong Woods

Evensong Woods, courtesy of

Fantasy Faire 2013 opens to the public at 6 AM on Saturday 20th.