I am NOT posting the full Twisted Hunt. If you have come here for hints, multiple prize listings, or a list of shops for the Twisted Hunt September 2012, you’re in the wrong place. I’m sure the prizes are awesome, they always are.. but the Twisted Hunt is one booger of a hunt. It’s a challenge for sure – and I’m not up for it. I’m not dissing it, I’m just not up for the entire hunt. Are the prizes worth the work? Absolutely!

With that out of the way.. I’m about to show you a prize from the Twisted Hunt September 2012.

Many of the groups and news groups I am in participate in the Twisted Hunt, and I’m in these groups for a reason: I love their products. So when, say, Likka House sends out a group message saying, “Hey.. we’re in the Twisted Hunt”, my ‘Good Stuff to be Found for Free’ radar goes haywire.

The ensemble above is D-arch Angel. The main Twisted Hunt prize includes the unisex wings and outfit, though they’re billed as male and female gifts. The main prize is super easy to find.

The cape and sword are a different story, and are the prizes for the mini-hunt.

To do the mini-hunt, walk out of Likka’s House and turn right. Go to the end and pick up a HUD from the kiosk. Wear the HUD and go down into the RMK dungeons. You need to find ten cubes to fill the HUD. This is not easy, and I had to de-render damn near the entire place to find them.

Alrescha, in Baby, is shown above. This sweet group gift was given out in August, and I’m just now posting it. Although this is no longer available, join the group so that you don’t miss out in the future. You can still get Alrescha in Black and Pinky at the Likka House main Shop.