Ameshin Yossarian, of Curious Kitties, has been designing top quality products for what seems like forever. When I first started Second Life, her Cyber Goth avatar was the one I chose as my starting avatar because it was just too cool. When I made enough Linden dollars to finally purchase my first set of clothes, it was a skirt and a shirt from Curious Kitties. I still have them, you can see the picture at the bottom of this post for a blast from my past. When Linden Labs ate my entire folder of shirts early in my Second Life.. every last shirt gone.. Ms. Yossarian was one of the designers who kindly replaced the shirt purchased from her shop.. Thank you!

Curious Kitties is branching out into full mesh avatars. There is a free sample, Kittenz Luth Avatar, in the Curious Kitties shop – you can find it near the Group Gifts Board. If you want to purchase it for 0L$ at the Curious Kitties SL Marketplace shop, you can find it here too. Links for both shops are located at the bottom of this post. The brown hairstyle is included with the avatar, the black style (shown above) can be purchased separately for 0L$ here.

Kittenz Complete Luth Outfit is also available for 0L$ here, because you might not want to walk around nakie.

I recommend visiting the main shop in world, because Curious Kitties always has super fun give-aways and games to win exclusive CK merchandise. This new avatar is approximately 1/2 the size of a normal avatar. Along with the free full avatar, you can pick up an extra hairstyle, and an extra pair of pants to get your Curious Kitties Unreal Fuzz collection started!