“Pretty dress, Shang.. but what is that perched atop your head?”

“That’s my Booshie Lil Pet.”

“His name is BooBoo, and he’s quite a little show-off.”

Two wearable, collectible Lil’PetZ are now in Gatcha machines in Menchy’s Goods Galore in Booshtopia.  They are only 100L$ with a 5% chance of getting the two rare of the six varieties.  These are limited edition – enjoy while they last!

Felitera and Ibstomp Lil’PetZ are not part of the actual Booshies game and are collectible little animated pets you can wear.

Other details:

Photographed on location at Booshtopia.
Poses by Diesel Works.
Sylvie Hairstyle from Wasabi Pills.
Lucine Skin from Tuty’s.
Mystic Sky gown from Deviance.