And you don’t have to love May’s Soul to be Gorean. But you will love May’s Soul whether you’re Gorean or not.

Although May’s Soul caters to the Gorean community in Second Life, high fantasy role players will find lots to love at May’s Soul too. Fae, drow, neko, and princesses from ancient times will all find something to love here

Shown here are some lucky board wins from May’s Soul, and one SL Marketplace gift (bottom picture). Lucky Boards are changed out frequently at May’s Soul, and if you join the update group, you can get advance notice each time they’re updated. Give the boards a go, you’ll win some wonderful samples, but be warned: Once you try the clothes form May’s Soul, you’ll be tempted to drop some serious linden dollars here!

Outfits from May’s Soul are complete packages, and included all the little details: belts, chains, collars, and even prim feet are included in many packages. Everything seen in the pictures in this post is included except the skin, eyes, hairstyle, fireball hands, and shape.

While you;re at May’s Soul checking out the Lucky Boards, take a walk through the shops many departments, you’ll find a few surprises waiting for you there ~wink~.

Photographed on location at Lofty Aspirations, Junlong.
Poses by Diesel Works.
Hairstyles are from Wasabi Pills.