Lemania Indigo does fabulous gowns and dresses, in the real world, these would be worthy of A-List Red Carpet status. What’s even more wonderful is that you can get these gowns and dresses in SL for a pittance of what they would cost you in RL. Dress up is fun in either world, so go  ahead and feel free to splurge a few RL pennies (yes, pennies) on extravagant gowns by Lemania Indigo.

Fallin’ for the 40’s, shown above, includes a fur-trimmed dress, hat, and matching shoes. You would pay at least 100L$ for the shoes alone at most shops, and  Lemania Indigo includes all these pieces for one low price. Real Life cost: Approximately $.50.

Parts of Circus Gold and Showgirl have been combined in one box to bring you an exclusive design, shown above (gown and gloves) and below (headpiece).  Note that headpiece and mask shown above are no longer available, necklace is from House of Darcy. I’ve shown the gown with other accessories to illustrate how the feel of a gown can be changed with a quick accessory change, and just how versatile the gowns from Lemania Indigo are. I love this look!

Clothing from Lemania Indigo Designs is timeless. You can wear these styles a decade from now and they will still look as fresh as the day you bought them; and the mix-n-match possibilities are endless, giving each outfit added value as accessories to other outfits.

Lemania Indigo Group Members (referred to as Divine Divas for a reason), get fringe benefits like the current Group Gift shown above. Appropriately named best Friends, this ensemble includes the belt as shown. Want to see more and get in on great Midnight manias and Lucky Boards as you shop for great fashion bargains? Visit Lemania Indigo Designs at the link included below.

You’re welcome.