Mystica Martova was telling me about her newest hairstyle (due out today or tomorrow),and said “Hold on.” and sent me a copy instead. One picture (or prim hairstyle in this case) really is worth a thousand words. The little skull mouth attachment, which is included, is called “Eat Ya Skull”, and it reminded me of a Tenacious D song, “Tribute”.

Also included with the hairstyle, which is called devilish, are the horns. These neat horns can be set on fire via script by typing in chat channel. In the back the ponytail ends in a pointed ‘devel’s’ tail, and in the front is a gemstone with an animated texture. This hairstyle is so much fun! Included are the usual Bizarre hair mouth attachments (besides the skull) for even more fun.

These pictures were taken at Alpha Point, sister sim to Omega Point.

Alpha Point has some cool gifts for you, and some of them can also be picked up at the Omega Point landing destination.

The *akashiya* kujira avatar, shown above, is a full avatar. it moves as you walk, and is wonderfully textured with little puffs of smoke from the engine inside the thorax. I’ve loved playnig with this, and have heard, “Cool avatar” from more people than I can count.

Shown above is another awesome full avatar, Ms. Art Deco Silver. With Halloween coming up you don’t want to miss this sweet deal. Get it for free at Alpha Point, I love this avatar! There are just too many awesome finds at Alpha Point to show in one post, so I’ll be making a second post to show you more. Check back soon to see more!

Mystica Matova has a Halloween section for specially themed hairstyles, but don’t pop and and stop at the Halloween section, the Witchcraft hairstyle, shown above is perfect for the haunting season. The candles can be turned on or off, and the owls are a hoot if you touch them. Creepy spiders and spider webs are crawling all over this hairstyle and hat.. try the demo for only 1L$.

Shown below is Sweet Halloween, which you’ll find in the Halloween section at Bizarre Creations. It features Mystic Matova’s unique ponytail, with Bizarre Creations mouth attachments via script.