From the notecard advertising this awesome game:

Welcome to “DIVE” Sponsored and Produced by the Pulse, Nomine & Sn@tch City  Sims, Spiritweaver Games and Hez Scripts along with all our vendors. Happy Halloween! Don’t skip this part. It’s important! Landmark below to the starting point!

DIVE was designed based on our love of Survival Horror Video Games and Classic Horror Films and is intended to scared the crap out of you. We hope you enjoy it, but there are some things that may help you enjoy it even more.

Set your Environment Settings to Midnight under the World Tab (This makes everything darker and scarier and the build was designed for Midnight Viewing)

Please Turn your Master Volume at least 3/4 of the way up as there are many sounds you will want to hear and turn your Music Volume Down or off.

We will  provide a hud to wear during the game. This and the suitcase are not necessary but it does make things a lot neater and more like a movie or a game. The suitcase is just a prop and the hud is just for a neat look for the game, it doesn’t do anything and you will find it later in the game. You also do NOT need a physical key, this is just a location to pick up your instructions not an actual item you need to hold.

The Build is spread out over three sims and you will need to teleport often but it is worked into the game so treat it like you would a screen load, Just click the Teleport button when the map comes up to travel between the levels.

You will need to collect clues and solve simple puzzles to get to the next levels so search everywhere and click everything you can. Like a video game you will need to open doors and find paths to move forward. We tried to make the puzzles simple yet challenging. We found last year people did better helping each other in groups and that is definitely encouraged but please don’t cheat. It’s really not as much fun if you do and you will miss a LOT of prizes.

If you say out loud or shout out the answers to puzzles to large groups of people or TP in friends directly to prizes you could be banned, so play by the rules!

To Operate Keypads, solve a number, picture or color puzzle, enter the keys in the correct sequence then hit E for Enter. If you wish to start again, hit C for Clear. If there is a teleport exit, click the button that says TELEPORT on the map when it pops up.

Instead of doing a final prize room we have had our vendors spread their gifts throughout the build. There are treats hidden all over so check everywhere. You don’t want to miss those. We will be open for a whole month so feel free to come back if you think you missed something.

It is in your best interest and much cooler to read everything you find on the story and history of The Hyperion Hotel. You are a guest and an investigator and in order to move ahead you may need this information.

Pay attention!

We have done out best to use a minimum of textures to keep load times easy. There is GOING TO BE LAG. Please remove as much of your primmage and scripted stuff as possible to make things easier on others and yourself and turn down your draw distance to the minimum. Screaming out lag and being an ass during the game will make the experience less fun for everyone so DON’T do it.

This is NOT a hunt. This is a game with donated prizes. It is NOT meant to be run through quickly and could take WELL over an hour of your time. If you don’t understand these things, then this game is not for you.

This is a very mature game, if you cannot handle nudity, blood and gore, this game is not for you

You cannot advance in the game without solving puzzles, if you don’t want to solve puzzles and just want to get free stuff, this game is not for you.

Please tell your friends about us and share the landmark and we would love if you visit the stores of all the vendors who donated prizes or even send them thanks. They were so generous to give to this event and have our gratitude.

Now, turn the lights down and the volume up and prepare yourselves for a trip into hell…Pack wisely.


Ivey Deschanel
Roblem Hogarth
And the DIVE Team

Prizes generously donated by
Crimson & Clover
Weather Or Not
Djinn & Tonic
Acid & Mala
Rara Avis
Fear & Clothing
Blackberry Jam
Tainted Desire
It’s Cake
Eat Me COuture
Old Dirty Bastards