The Stringer Mausoleum is, dare I say, a household name in goth and alternative circles. TSM, which has been selling wonderfully different hairstyles in SL as long as I can remember, has grown into a multi-level feast for your alternative eyes on its own sim that includes a few other quirky shops.

The Stringer Mausoleum is participating in Hair Fair 2010, and has some new styles for you to check out. Yes, you heard that correctly:  NEW styles.

Robo Bambie (above and below) is a cute futuristic style that coordinates with a cute robo accessory, which I’ve shown below. But just because it’s futuristic in feel doesn’t mean you can’t go full-out goth with it.

Helena Stringer, designer and owner of The Stringer Mausoleum, has set out five new styles at Hair Fair 2010, with 2 of the styles being 50% donation items. When you purchase these products, 50% of the purchase price goes to Wigs4Kids. Yes! Great styles for you, and money to help kids battling cancer.. how cool is that? One of the donation items is a men’s style, but it, along with most of TSM’s products, is unisex.

Bonzi (shown above) is one of those styles that looks great on men or women. This mohawk moves! It’s flexi and sways softly as you move; a wonderful effect for merfolk. Horns show above are not included, but are a past gift from TSM.

Pearl Persuasion is a donation item in this exclusive colour version. Half of your purchase price goes to Wigs4Kids. This is the hair style I’ve been looking for to wear while bathing! The pearls look like bubbles piled atop my head. Don’t miss out, this will not be available when Hair Fair 2010 packs up and leaves town.

If you aren’t in the market for new styles, don’t forget that you can always donate via kiosk to Wigs4kids.