Here are some more prizes form the Gother Than Thou Hunt.

You did get in the group last week I hope, because the Gother Than Thou Hunt is proving to be one of the better hunts the grid has seen in the couple years I’ve been here. Even if you didn’t get to join The Thrifty Goth group before the cut-off date, hop around to some of the hunt shops listed in The Thrifty Goth blog. Many of these shops also have MM, lucky chairs, gifts, etc.. you you can still have some fun freebie shopping.

I’ve discovered some great new-to-me shops, some with great neighboring shops on the same sim, some new-to-me gothic galleries with original artwork. It’s good to see so many other retailers displaying their real life artwork in their Second Life retail shops.

This soft pale skin is from The Thrifty Goth group members, the posture collar is the Gother Than Thou Hunt prize from Favole, it comes with a hat that I haven’t shown here. This posture collar goes so well with so many of the Hunt gifts, you’ll see me wearing it a lot.

These cute outfits areTill Death Do Us Part, from PinkMares House (on the left), and Amelia, from Blue Blood (on the right). I love that most of these clothes are mix-and-match. Boots shown above are from GField, and are not included in the hunt.

The hairstyle is from Crimson + Clover, a great, gory skin is included in the gift box, but I haven’t shown it.

The Loss, from SMOTD, it a true Gothic gown. I can picture some young heroine wearing exactly this gown in a gothic mystery. You can see that posture collar from Favole again.. see?.. it goes great with pretty much everything.

Just remember, you won’t be able to get the Hunt prizes if you aren’t wearing a The Thrifty Goth group tag.