I got a note card a few days ago (I’ve been so late with these posts lately!) about a new freebie at B@re Rose; new freebies at B@re Rose don’t happen very often, just often enough to keep things interesting.

The Free Chainmail, shown above, comes with a complete set for both men and women. As is usual for B@re Rose products, the textures are first rate, and no extra prims are needed.. system clothes are all that are used! What wonderful, low ARC outfits for the many Fairs and festivals coming up soon; you won’t have to worry about lag wearing these outfits!

Poking around the B@ra Rose freebie area turned up a bunch of stuff I hadn’t seen before, like the Beta Suit shown above with Boots from Tiger Claw.

I swear I’m not the person who planted that axe in the back of that zombie!

The Alpha Suit from B@re Rose looks great with these boots from Eshi Otawara. These cute little flowery boots were only 150L$, and come in a ton of different colour options.

Hair shown in this post is an old hunt gift from CriCri.