I’d blog the great hunt finds in this post even if they weren’t hunt finds, stuff from SMOTD and Grim Bros is the stuff I like to wear for my normal daytime look.

When I was younger I played with Barbies. I admit it. I played with Barbies. But Barbies are weird, there’s nothing you can really do with them except change their clothes. So that’s what I did with barbies. I changed their clothes. Constantly.

And, dirty little secret here, that’s what I do with Shang in SL. I change her clothes. Constantly.

You have to love everything Grim Bros. I pop in there so often just to look, and I was delighted to see the No Strings Attached Hunt sign on a recent visit.


The girly, gothy, dollie dress is a veritable dessert of lace, gathers, and ribbons.  If you like Grim bros clothes at all, you’ll love it.  So go get it.  Now.

The glittery lonely stage shown in this post is the No Strings Attached Hunt gift from SMOTD. This Hunt prize from SMOTD has two dancer poses, and what girl doesn’t love pretending to be a ballerina on stage?   The No Strings Attached hunt runs through the end of August, so you have lots of time to check the hunt website.

The skin shown (Kiria – Bliss – Purple) is from F’d Up, which is also participating in the No Strings Attached Hunt. The skin shown is not the hunt skin, but a Midnight Mania win.