Today I’m taking a bit of a break on a lovely sim known simply as Tuneira’s West Farm on the Embay sim. This sim is slow, laid back, and very pretty.. just what I like. It’s what I grew up with, after all.

I’m always looking for nice sims to ride my horse, Tuneira’s farm was absolutely perfect this morning, and look,  there are other horses there!

There is a picnic table already set for a picnic, just bring yourself and a friend or two. Or maybe bring just one special friend, because the picnic bench is set with a cuddle pose.

You can take the time to thing about what’s important in life, or just appreciate the pretty things, like this gift from Eolande’s. The simple setting really sets of the stunning amethyst.

The clothes shown in this post are all from Hell Bop. The Ruby in cyan overalls and Nora top in green are a gift for today only. The top shown in the other pictures is part of the Eugene Set that was a gift a loong time ago. Eugene is still available in the shop.. but not for free.

Skin worn is from Tuli. This limited The Deck version of Sayuri is available this weekend only at The Deck (free) with a ton of other designer gifts. Expect horrendous lag and prim down accordingly.

Photographed on location at Tuneira’s West Farm.