Yep, it’s that time of year again: time to head to the shops to try on dozens of swimsuits in an attempt to find the one that hides most of our figure flaws.

I’ve had some of the swimsuits shown in this post for quite some time. All are still available, though some may no longer be available for free.

Of course, few of us have that problem in SL, which means that we can concentrate our search on finding the cutest styles, like the bikini (complete with sarong) from Ema’s. This is an old MM win, but good news, it’s now in the Lucky Chairs just outside Ema’s Mall.

The cute, tomboy style swimsuit, above, is from Ibizarre. I love the modified boycut on this suit. You can find Allie in the Ibizarre Palamos Island shop.

Ray Skin has some of the cutest clothes on the grid. The frilly, cuddly, adorable clothes found at Ray Skin are definitely for girly girls.

The bikinis above and below can both be found at Ray Skin. There are dollarbies all over the shop (which is huge!). The Blue one above is called +Border+, the cute skirt style bikini below is called +Mitzutama+.

Most of the skins used in this post are the White Wolf vampire clan skins from Smash Face. These are actually retiring skins from the older B. Bodenhall and Domestic-V lines.

The skin below is from Loser, and is currently in the MM board. If you missed this skin earlier and want to pick it up, now would be a good time. Tan lines are a separate layer from Pixel Dolls.

The free tint-able bikini is also from Pixel Dolls, and comes in both tied and untied versions.

The retro Watermelon One Piece (above) is a cute swimsuit from Vextra Messing that can be worn with capris for a fun look. You can find it behind the front counter for only 1L$.  There are two dollarbie bikinis there too!


The Snakeskin version of the SD Connection swimsuit was sent out to SD Wears subscribe members a while ago, and a check shows it’s no longer in past messages. However, you can find this swimsuit in other patterns and colours in three packs for 175L$ a pack.. that’s less than 60L$ a swimsuit!

While you’re in the shop, don’t forget to check the Midnight Mania board, and subscribe to receive news about new releases from SD Wears.

Poses are from Diesel Works, Striking Poses, and LAP.

Photographed on location near The Mother Road.