I was totally amazed by “Alice In Wonderland” when I saw it opening day, it was a dizzying display of whimsical imagery.  I’ve been wanting to put together a “White Queen” look ever since I saw Anne Hathaway’s portrayal of the slightly ditsy White Queen.

Jun Dion, head diva and designer at B@re Rose saved me the trouble of trying to find a suitable dress. This beautiful interpretation is available at the RFL Clothing Fair (160L$), and in the B@re Rose main store.

The clothes at B@re Rose are always meticulously detailed. Look at the Mad Hatter outfit below. This version is for the girls, but there’s a version for guys too!

Helena Bonham Carter left an indelible impression as the Queen of Hearts. I have a feeling that all future actresses to play the Queen of Hearts will have to meet the high standard she set in her her quirky interpretation of the character.

This Queen of Hearts ensemble is from Dilly Dolls. Funny, I was looking all over the grid for a gown suitable for the Queen of Hearts when I remembered that Dilly Dolls had one. I teleported over, and found (to my delight!) that it has been reduced to only 20L$.  Happy Day Dance!

You can also pick up the Cheshire Cat outfit (there’s one for guys too!) for the same low price of 20L$.

The Cheshire Cat outfit includes a skirt, panties, socks, shirt, tail, and ears. Boots shown are from +DV8+, and a past hunt prize.

Next up is the girl herself: Alice.

I didn’t want to portray a traditional Alice, but a more updated one. This more modern dollie dress from The Doll House fills the bill perfectly. The Doll House always has a wide selection of quality dollie dresses at rock bottom prices, with most starting at 100L$.