I love the full pajamas in the winter.. you know the kind with the little flap in the back. If they have feet attached, they’re even better.

Hawk picked up the Vintage Undies in the BoB Hunt. These are from Cheerno, and include the kiss tattoo on his bottom. At least I hope the kiss on his bottom is just a tattoo.

Shang is wearing the super cute Eugene long thermal underwear from Hell Bop. These aren’t free, however they will keep you very toasty on those cold winter nights.

The chaise is from Diesel Works. Rogan Diesel has added more colours to the chaise line. This chaise is an amazing prop if you like to take boudoir photos. It even has a photographer’s version, so that someone else can set your poses and take the pictures.. how cool! These colours are soft, pastel additions to the bolder colours that were released earlier.